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Building a modern music sample hub with WooCommerce


Introducing Beat It

Creating a multifunctional space for a start-up music sample provider.

Beat It is a brand new sample provider who use their knowledge in music production to create and supply one of a kind, royalty-free samples. Their wide library of drums, snares and vocals allows DJs and producers to add a little finesse to their projects.

Beat It approached Limely as they were after an online space that would allow them to kickstart their sample service whilst demonstrating their stand-out brand.

Music to our ears, Limely got straight on it and began creating their online store from the ground up.

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What we did

Members Area
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Using WooCommerce

Utilising a combination of WordPress’ & WooCommerce’s useful features.

As Beat It’s website would be both content-heavy and ecommerce based, we built their site using WooCommerce.

With WordPress’ tools perfect for housing and publishing content, and WooCommerce’s retail-specific features, we built a site that not only demonstrates Beat It’s brand voice, but provides the means for an excellent shopping experience for their users.

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Unique Branding

Bringing Beat It to life through unique, cutting-edge design.

As a brand new company, Beat It was in need of branding that represented their services and told their users that they were the last sampling site they’d ever need.

So, with their industry and goals in mind, our design team got to work creating their logo and overall branding and made sure they were apparent throughout the entire site.

This also included making sure that every button, form and general layout of the website consistently evoked Beat It’s contemporary style.


Beat It’s Subscription Service

Enabling a user account area and subscription service for Beat It’s samples.

The way Beat It offers its services is through a subscription in which their users can pay for on a monthly basis. This gives them access to a certain number of credits a month which allows them to download and use Beat It’s available samples and presets.

Limely’s development team created a space in which users could use a username and password to sign in to an area that not only allowed them to activate their subscription and credits but where they could keep track of everything that had downloaded.

A Sample Sneak-Peek

Making sure non-subscribers know what they’re missing.

To showcase to users what they can expect when signing up for a Beat It subscription, Limely enabled a little sneak-peek of some of Beat It’s available samples.

This allows users to view and hear a sample and then be directed towards the sign-up area so they can speedily get their hands on the sample that spiked their interest.

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Beat It’s Blog

Demonstrating Beat It’s musical expertise and boosting their SEO.

To make users aware of Beat It’s musical expertise, Limely made it so they could write and publish their own blog posts.

As well as actively demonstrating their passion and knowledge, the additional content is great for boosting their overall SEO.

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Making it Mobile-Friendly

Adapting Beat It’s new site so it looks great on every platform

After Limely perfected Beat It’s new site on desktop, we got to work adding the necessary adjustments so that it would look just as good and work just as well on mobile.

By shifting buttons, optimising images and adapting the layout, users can now purchase their subscription and browse samples whilst on the go.

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