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Magento 2

A powerful and conversion-oriented ecommerce solution

We’ve been working with Factory Direct Flooring for quite some time now, continuously improving their ecommerce site with an ongoing retainer. However, the time soon came for an entire website refresh. We were tasked with designing and building a supercharged Magento 2 store with the overall goal of modernising the already successful brand and propelling conversions to dizzy new heights.

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Utilising Magento 2’s dynamic capabilities

As Magento experts, we’re always excited to unlock the newest features, software and systems in the ecommerce world. When Magento launched V2, we couldn’t wait to put it into practice. Here are *just a few* of the clever features on FDF’s new site:

  • My Project with multi-room functionality
  • Bespoke CRM integration
  • Wishlist feature
  • Real-time customer order announcements
  • Integrated with Reviews
  • Shop by room, type or colour
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My Project with multi-room functionality and personalised pricing

This is a powerful new tool that we’ve added to FDF’s upgraded Magento 2 store. Essentially, customers can enter multiple room measurements and get personalised pricing on flooring for any room in their house or commercial space. It’s easy-to-use and works seamlessly – we’re really proud of this one.

Real-time customer order announcements

We love to add special details to any website we create. It’s the Limely touch. This time around, we implemented a custom-built order announcement feature into the website footer. You’ll see animated forklifts travelling along a bespoke factory-floor silhouette with real-time order announcements popping up. You can’t say it’s not memorable.


Order a sample

A big part of Factory Direct Flooring’s success is down to their great customer service. We wanted to carry this through to the new M2 site and enhance it even further. To do this, we’ve added in a fun element to direct customers to order free samples instantly!

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Integrated with Reviews

To show existing customers that FDF values them and to entice new customers to click ‘buy’, we’ve integrated the site with Reviews.co.uk. The Reviews widget appears on the homepage to instantly give peace of mind to any new users of the site, showing actual reviews in chronological order.

There’s the option to click through and read more on the dedicated reviews page where anyone can view the star ratings and comments from real people who have purchased through FDF.


We kept things looking slick on mobile

With half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices, ecommerce business owners must be fully prepared that people will use their smartphone to purchase their products.

Factory Direct Flooring now has a fully-responsive, functional online store that works just seamlessly from iPhone to iMac.

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A huge success

We're absolutely thrilled with the work Limely have done for us. Taking our website to the next level with Magento 2 was the best thing we ever did - we'll be continuing to work together for the foreseeable!

Paul Hambidge

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