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Considered, consistent and creative design. Every time.

Our skilled and experienced team of designers excel in creating brand identity, print materials and website interfaces for a wide range of clients. From fashion to finance and food to furniture,

they can bring any business to life via any medium. Our creative portfolio remains at the top of its game and we never fail to impress both ourselves and our clients.


Creating unique branding for companies with a personality

We understand how crucial it is to create stand-out branding. It has the ability to either make or break a potential customer’s first impressions. We’ve got a proven track record in building visually stunning and commercially successful brands from the ground up.

When New Horizons came in for their discovery meeting, our design team really took the time to understand what the company wanted, how they wanted to appear and ultimately, what their personality was. We ask all the right questions to produce the perfect unique identity.


Carefully tailoring our bespoke design for print products

Whether you’re looking for refreshed stationery or a load of new brochures, our team are experts at producing impressive, professional and on-brand print materials any day of the week. We’ve created a whole range of print products for a wide variety of brands – from commercial property consultants Bolton Birch to luxury tailoring specialists Sarto.


Producing impactful design for digital advertising

We regularly create a range of banners and web images to showcase our clients’ latest offers, sales and products. From seasonal discounts to limited finance offers, our design team take your existing branding and bring it to life over a specific time period or for a particular event. Our digital advertising design is used across clients’ websites, social media accounts and email campaigns.

Let’s create something memorable

When it comes to design, we like to push the boundaries. Let’s get the ball rolling.

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