Advanced features that increased mobile reservations by 78.4%

Bespoke features that improved UX for a national restaurant chain.


Reduction in bounce rate


Increase in organic sessions


Increase in mobile reservations

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Web Design & Development

A high-functioning and stylish website to increase table bookings

Wildwood approached Limely as they were in need of a high-functioning website to increase table bookings. The existing website was cumbersome, had an outdated design and didn’t represent Wildwood’s core values. We streamlined the user journey, added advanced, bespoke features and strengthened brand identity throughout the site.

We absolutely love our new website!

Alejandro Wiesinger

Driving conversions with state-of-the-art functionality

Wildwood’s existing website lacked the functionality needed to impress users and encourage customer loyalty. In order to optimise their new site to drive traffic and increase table bookings, we implemented a range of features including:

  • Advanced interactive menus
  • Seamless table booking forms
  • National Restaurant Search

Since the website launched, Wildwood has seen a 12.8% reduction in bounce rates, an 11.26% increase in organic sessions and a fantastic 7927 bookings within the first 3 months of launch. Demonstrating the importance of streamlined navigation and a beautiful, responsive website design.

Engaging users with show-stopping interactive menus

As Wildwood offers an extensive range of dishes and caters to many dietary requirements, we designed an advanced interactive menu that allows users to click on each menu item to view nutritional information, calories and allergens.

A dietary filter allows users to view only relevant dishes, personalising the experience and encouraging customer loyalty. The menu also saves valuable time for the Wildwood team as phone calls and emails regarding the menu have hugely decreased since the site’s launch.

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Improving customer satisfaction with seamless table bookings

To encourage table reservations, we created a bespoke, multi-step booking form. Our designers utilised colour coding to instantly highlight available dining times and enhance UX whilst succinct code and advanced software ensured lightning-fast loading. By diminishing friction points, ensuring a distraction-free form and placing call-to-actions in prominent locations, we optimised the entire booking process.

Reaching a new audience with National Restaurant Search

To ensure that site visitors can quickly find their nearest Wildwood restaurant, we developed a user-friendly and super speedy National Restaurant Search functionality within the site.

A drop-down menu allows users to browse all restaurant locations whilst a filter feature allows users to search by county. Location cards present the look and feel of each restaurant with beautiful photos so users can decide which is best for their occasion; whether grabbing a bite to eat after work or celebrating something special!

Expanding revenue opportunities with integrated online ordering

Seamlessly integrating trusted delivery partners such as Deliveroo and Just Eat within Wildwood’s website was key to a successful online ordering division of the restaurant, ensuring that customers can order food to their door, in just a few clicks.

If a customer prefers to collect their takeaway, they can select their closest restaurant from the drop down and the restaurant’s contact details are automatically displayed; Encouraging users to order takeaway meals and generating more revenue for the business.

Increasing mobile conversions by 78.4% with responsive design

Responsive design is integral to restaurant websites as many users will inevitably visit the site from mobile devices such as their iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet. We incorporated key call-to-actions such as ‘Book A Table’ into the sticky header to ensure that key navigational tools are easily accessible and the entire site is seamless to navigate.

Driving conversions with Meal & Movie booking functionality

Wildwood offers a unique ‘Meal & Movie’ experience which combines dinner and a film viewing. Therefore, we provided a complex booking functionality that enables users to book a ‘Meal & Movie’, whilst ensuring that standard table reservations are not available during the times of the movie showings.

We built a custom functionality within WordPress that ensures users can easily find the time, date and locations of movie showings and seamlessly book a ‘Meal & Movie’ at the touch of a button.

Improving operational efficiency with an advanced CRM integration

We incorporated various integrations including Atreemo and DesignMyNight to ensure that everything from table reservations and EPoS systems to HR and payroll, are all manageable from one place. These advanced integrations not only improve efficiency for the restaurant chain, but also increase profitability as senior management gain tighter control over profit margins order quantities.

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Supporting digital marketing strategies with seasonal promotional pages

To support Wildwood’s digital marketing efforts, we designed and developed seasonal booking pages to create excitement around dining at the restaurants, all throughout the year.

Whether a customer is looking to book a meal to celebrate Christmas, Easter or a family Birthday, Team Limely have created unique promotional pages to create urgency around booking a table!


Google Reviews

5.0 from 47 reviews

We absolutely love our new website!

We can’t thank the team enough for their incredible professionalism, attention to detail and creativity. In fact, we were so impressed with our new website that we are now creating another 3 websites with the team!

Alejandro Wiesinger

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