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Results-driven ecommerce website design and digital growth expertise

Our unique combination of design flair, technical excellence and SEO expertise leads to unparalleled outcomes.

Innovative Design

Our creative design team creates bespoke design elements that ensure your website stands out from the crowd and drives results.

SEO Audits

Technical Excellence

We create websites that run as fast as lightning and offer a superior performance thanks to our in-house development team.

SEO Services

Strategic SEO

Expert SEO strategies that boost targeted traffic to your store and increase leads and conversions.

Strengthening online presence and increasing organic revenue by 183%

Encouraging conversions and driving growth for Wet Wednesdays with a frictionless and streamlined online shopping experience. Advanced features such as smart search and an interactive mega menu ensure that they stand out from the competition.

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Increase in sessions


Increase in revenue


Increase in organic revenue

Boosting sales with design features that incite action

Our creative approach to design leads to unique, eye-catching and results-oriented features that encourage users to convert and keep customers engaged.

  • Maximise conversions with user-focused design
  • Capture attention and create memorable experiences with bespoke design elements
  • Encourage users to checkout with our strategic and results-oriented approach

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Westminster Stone

Creating the optimum shopping experience and increasing conversions by 23.4%

Westminster Stone were in need of not one, not two but three ecommerce sites to drive them towards their ambitious revenue goals. The three brand new sites are entirely manageable within one multi-site Magento platform, whilst bespoke features aid conversions and drive growth for the brand.

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increase in sessions


increase in conversions


increase in total revenue

Specialists in high-performance ecommerce platforms



A powerful platform for leading ecommerce businesses

Limely combines the robust functionality and speed of the Magento 2 platform with design and development expertise to ensure your ecommerce business exceeds expectations.

  • Open-source platform: Magento 2 is freely available to download and modify, giving developers the freedom to write unique code to suit specific requirements. Regular updates, bug fixes and an array of third-party extensions are also readily available thanks to its open-source nature and engaged community of Magento developers.
  • Robust scalability: Built with scalability at its core, Magento 2 is suitable for both small businesses and leading global brands. Its robust architecture and caching capabilities ensure it can handle large volumes of traffic and expansive product inventories whilst offering a seamless experience for users even during peak times.
  • Flexible & customisable: The level of flexibility and customisation that Magento 2 offers is second to none. The platform allows developers to customise every aspect of an ecommerce store; all the way from the design and layout down to its functionality and integration of third-party extensions.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive: Responsive design themes ensure that web pages automatically adapt to various screen sizes and devices to guarantee a seamless shopping experience for users, no matter whether they’re visiting from a desktop, mobile or tablet.
  • Advanced product management: Magento 2 offers highly efficient product management and supports diverse product catalogues which can include standard, configurable, bundled and virtual products. Attributes, categories and custom options are easily set up within the platform, ensuring seamless organisation behind the scenes.
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Perfect for start-ups and small businesses

Perfect for those who are just starting out or those who want to build a great online store when time is of the essence, Shopify provides an abundance of flexibility.

  • User-friendly: Shopify is renowned for its intuitive and easy to use interface that allows users to seamlessly perform tasks such as adding products, processing orders and viewing analytics. The simplicity of the platform means it’s a great choice for small businesses and newly established startups.
  • Customisable: Shopify’s wide range of plugins and apps allows for customised online stores with enhanced functionality; From social media integrations and advanced analytics all the way to drop-shipping capabilities.
  • Quick & easy setup: The simplicity of the platform allows for fast and simple setup to get your online store trading as soon as possible.
  • Various payment options: Shopify offers a range of payment options including credit card, PayPal, Meta pay, Amazon Pay and Apple Pay to ensure that you’re offering the most convenient and secure payment getaways to your customers.
  • Mobile-friendly: Responsive design and mobile-focused themes ensure that web pages are displayed perfectly whether a user is visiting your website from their desktop, mobile or tablet.
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An ecommerce plug-in for WordPress websites

Through our expertise and creative approach, we create beautiful, high-functioning WooCommerce websites that are easy to manage and superbly simple to use.

  • Seamless integration: WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with WordPress which is one of the most user-friendly content management systems around. Making it a great choice for those who are already familiar with WordPress and those who haven’t got experience in managing an ecommerce website.
  • Flexible & customisable: Fully flexible and customisable, WooCommerce allows developers to craft visually appealing and highly functional websites that match specific brand and business needs. Offering a wide range of themes, plugins and extensions, WooCommerce websites can be tailored to suit your exact requirements.
  • Powerful features: WooCommerce offers comprehensive ecommerce features including product management, inventory tracking, order management and payment processing, despite being a plugin. Managing product listings, variations and pricing adjustments is extremely intuitive and easy to do.
  • Scalable: WooCommerce accommodates growth for start-up businesses and online stores with large catalogues. Its wide range of extensions and integrations ensure seamless expansion of functionality as your business grows.
  • Active community: With a large and active community of users, developers and experts, WooCommerce comes with tons of additional support and ensures that businesses have access to a wealth of resources including tutorials, forums and third-party services.
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Aero Commerce

Aero Commerce

Our trusted partners and a Limely favourite

As an Aero partner agency, we have access to the latest features to make your website stand out from the crowd. With growth and functionality at its core, Aero is a brilliant platform for expanding businesses.

  • Advanced development flexibility: Aero Commerce’s flexible API-driven architecture allows developers to incorporate advanced functionalities and integrations with ease. Enabling dynamic, interactive and personalised features that improve customer engagements and satisfaction.
  • Highly scalable: Built with growth in mind, Aero Commerce continues to support businesses as they grow and expand, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness along the way. Aero Commerce is robust enough to withstand increasing volumes of traffic, transactions and product catalogues without compromising performance.
  • Innovative technologies: As an Aero Commerce partner, we have access to the latest technologies and cutting-edge innovations to get your business ahead of the competition.
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Expertly crafted content that instantly engages users

SEO-driven content writing that instantly engages users, offers incredible value, drives conversions and builds robust customer relationships.

  • Customer-centric content that resonates with customers
  • Drive conversions with content that creates urgency
  • Improve customer loyalty by offering valuable content

Content Services
ecommerce SEO

Driving high-value traffic to your online store

Leveraging data-driven SEO strategies to maximise ecommerce success.

Get ahead of the competition as we implement technical SEO strategies to ensure your ecommerce site boasts exceptional performance, from the get-go.

SEO Services

Create customers for life with powerful integrations

Make your business, stand out.

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Google Reviews

5.0 from 47 reviews

Frequently asked questions

A brand new ecommerce website can take anywhere between 3 to 9 months from start to finish, depending on the complexity of the project.

In addition, you’ll need to take into consideration our lead times. Our lead time changes on a weekly basis so if you’ve got a tight deadline, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Bespoke websites start from £18K+VAT. However, we can cater for lower budgets so please do get in touch for an honest consultation where we can explain what we can do for you. We also offer flexible payment terms so you can spread the cost.

Firstly, you’ll need you to come along to a discovery meeting with the team so we can truly understand your goals and objectives. This can be done virtually if you’re located further afield.

Depending on your bespoke package, we may need you to supply us with content and images in order to populate the website. Throughout the process we’ll be in contact with you so you can rest assured that everything is in safe hands.

We’re here to help you as little or as much as you need! When your new site is launched, we are just an email or phone call away so if there’s anything you need, we’re on hand to help!

Absolutely not! We work with many clients across the UK who are extremely happy with the service we provide.

Many of our team members work remotely, allowing us to find the most skilled and friendly professionals out there. Throughout the web design process we will arrange a number of zoom meetings so we discuss the design openly and honestly.

At the end of the day, we want you to walk away with the best possible website for your business objectives, so we’re happy to have as many or as few zoom calls as you need!

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