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Successfully migrating a renowned beauty retailer over to Magento 2

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A successful upgrade for Gorgeous Shop

Migrated and launched within just 3 months

Before this project commenced, Gorgeous Shop were no strangers to Limely.

Having maintained their initial Magento 1 store for some time, we were so glad to hear that they had chosen Limely to refresh their popular online store.

Alongside a much-needed upgrade to Magento 2, Gorgeous Shop felt that their overall store needed a refresh of its layout and aspects of its design, as well as a sprucing up of some of their features that help provide their outstanding shopping experience.

With everything decided, Limely got to work!

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Grouped products

Making it easier for customers to buy related products

Through the power of Magento 2, Limely made it possible for Gorgeous Shop to provide grouped products on specific product pages. This means that the customer is now able to purchase their desired product alongside others and buy them in a handy bundle.

This way, customers could not only get the product they were after but easily purchase other products of the same category or brand. As well as helping to provide a quicker and more efficient shopping experience, it urges customers to try new things and buy additional products.

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Brand landing pages

Encouraging increased traffic and contributing to a solid SEO strategy

Being such a reputable beauty retailer, Gorgeous Shop stock some of the UK’s biggest brands. To make sure this plays to their advantage, Limely created separate brand landing pages.

We ensured that these pages were effectively designed and full to the brim with targeted keywords. This helps Gorgeous Shop rank highly amongst user’s results when searching for that particular brand.

As well as funnelling increased traffic to Gorgeous Shop’s website, effective CTA links urge them to explore their site further.

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Applying filtered search

Boosting UX and creating a faultless shopping experience

In order to create an even smoother shopping experience for its customers, Limely applied various attributes that would further optimise Gorgeous Shop’s search feature.

Now, when a customer comes to insert their query into the search bar, it will filter what they are trying to find and suggest popular searches alongside related products. This effectively speeds up the user’s search and quickly takes them to the product they are after.

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Through Checkout.com, Limely provided Gorgeous Shop with a secure payment gateway which would enable them to perform secure and reliable transactions, evoking trust amongst customers.


Integrating Dotdigital’s software allows Gorgeous Shop to create and send scheduled emails and newsletters to their customer contact list to further spread the word of their products.


By integrating Orderwise, we provided Gorgeous Shop with an efficient stock management system that will automatically manage their inventory; saving time and keeping them organised.


Built for mobile

Making sure Gorgeous Shop’s customers can efficiently shop on the go

Once everything had been applied, Limely made it their next job to ensure that Gorgeous Shop’s new features could be enjoyed in all their glory via mobile and tablet devices.

So, we made all the necessary adjustments that would allow Gorgeous Shop’s site to look and perform as well as it does on desktop so users could benefit from their shopping features and services wherever they are.

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Great company

The website has exceeded expectations and was built in extremely good time. Great company and a great team.

Luke Frey

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