Increasing revenue by 16.3% for national beauty brands

Driving ecommerce growth with a beautiful design & advanced features for two beauty brands.


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Gorgeous Shop & Beauty Flash




Website Design & Development, Ecommerce

Powerful conversion-driven ecommerce solutions

British beauty brands Gorgeous Shop and Beauty Flash approached us back in 2019 as they wanted to expand their online businesses and drive tangible results. Since then, we’ve created multiple sites for the brands, developing bespoke tools and advanced features along the way.

Having worked with Limely for a number of years now, we couldn't be happier with their service.

Luke Frey

Supercharged sales with an online subscription service

We migrated Beauty Flash’s existing subscription box over to the new site and gave it a dose of Limely magic. Not only did we meticulously migrate the service, we also designed bespoke logos and infographics for Beauty Flash to use as promotional tools across the new site.

‘Buy & Subscribe’ call to actions were employed across the new landing page to trigger a sense of urgency within site visitors and to ensure the user experience was seamless. Additionally, the minimal page layout was designed to maximise conversions and generate revenue for the brand.

Simplified store management with an advanced multi-site

As Gorgeous Shop houses other brands including Beauty Flash, the team found it extremely time-consuming to manage multiple sites via different platforms and systems. By utilising advanced Magento 2 capabilities, we streamlined store management processes and housed both brands under one roof.

The team now has the ability to flick between the two brands to perform tasks such as managing stock and updating product descriptions, reducing time spent on arduous tasks and providing more time to spend on growing the business!

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Responsive design to drive conversions

To drive ecommerce growth, an optimal mobile experience is absolutely essential. In addition to looking beautiful and being extremely high-performing on desktop, we ensured that the site brilliantly adapts to mobile devices in an eye-catching way. The layout is intuitive for users whilst key call-to-actions are located in thumb-friendly areas of the site to allow for a seamless experience.

Streamlined navigation with advanced smart search

Enabling users to find the products they’re looking for as quickly as possible is paramount to a successful ecommerce website design, especially for those with extensive product ranges. Therefore, we incorporated layered, hierarchical navigation into the interactive menu and enabled customers to narrow down their search using filter options.

Additionally, we integrated a smart search tool called Searchanise into the site which enables lightning-fast product searches thanks to nifty features such as visual product suggestions, synonym search and autocomplete.


Showcasing trust signals to build customer loyalty

Instilling customer trust is the first step in building a successful ecommerce business. To demonstrate trust as soon as a user lands on the site, we implemented multiple trust signals in the form of icons and utilised colour to draw attention to them.

From a trust signal banner below the menu which instantly showcases free-post returns, free delivery on orders over £20 and even an electrical disposal service, to the integrated reviews within each product, it’s clear to anyone visiting the site for the first time that this brand is both reputable and trustworthy.

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A two-step checkout to guarantees a positive customer experience

Minimising the number of steps a user has to take to complete checkout is key to increasing conversion, so narrowing it down to just 2 steps, is pretty remarkable!

The distraction-free checkout page ensures users don’t feel overwhelmed whilst the stripped back header and footer ensure a smooth customer journey when completing checkout. By implementing a range of payment methods such as Amazon Pay and PayPal, we minimised the risk of abandoned carts that can arise as a result of limited payment options.

Driving digital growth with show-stopping SEO techniques

As Gorgeous Shop and Beauty Flash stock some of the UK’s biggest brands, we used this to their advantage and created separate brand landing pages in order to increase organic traffic and contribute to a solid SEO strategy.

We ensured that these pages were effectively designed and full to the brim of high-value, targeted keywords, helping the brands to rank highly when users searching for a particular brand. Additionally, effective CTA links encourage users to explore the site further.

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Having worked with Limely for a number of years now, we couldn't be happier with their service.

Having worked with Limely for a number of years now, we couldn't be happier with their service. Firstly maintaining our Magento 1 website and recently building our Magento 2. The website has exceeded expectations and was built in extremely good time.

Luke Frey

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