Superior functionality that increased organic revenue by 183%

Driving ecommerce growth with advanced features and a beautiful design for kids’ fashion brand.


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Increase in organic revenue

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Wet Wednesdays




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A high-performing site with bespoke features to increase conversions

Wet Wednesdays came to us in need of a brand new ecommerce website to maximise sales and build customer loyalty. We streamlined the entire customer journey by optimising site navigation, developing bespoke tools and strengthening their branding across the site.

Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to have a new website created.

Georgia Williams

Increasing mobile revenue by 45% with responsive design

Responsive design is instrumental to the success of any ecommerce website. We incorporated key call-to-actions and elements such as the wishlist and basket into the sticky header, to ensure that key navigational tools are easily accessible from mobile devices.

Thumb-friendly navigation and optimised page speed also ensures a streamlined experience for every user and has led to a 62% increase in new users and a 45% increase in mobile revenue.

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Advanced bundle builder to increase average order value

We developed a bespoke bundle builder tool that allows users to choose whichever trouser and jacket combination they desire, in just a few clicks!

Product bundles not only provide a strong sense of personalisation, contribute to improved customer satisfaction and give a strong sense of reward thanks to additional savings, they’re also a fun, interactive tool that helps set the brand apart from competitors.

Improved brand advocacy with a bespoke digital magazine

To present Wet Wednesdays as thought-leaders and build robust relationships, we developed a bespoke digital magazine area for the brand to house blog posts and articles that provide engaging content for users. Not only is this area fantastic for encouraging brand advocacy, it also plays an integral role in the SEO strategy of the brand as it provides keyword and internal linking opportunities that can increase high-value organic traffic.

SEO migration & keyword research that increased organic traffic by 77.8%

To give the new website the best chances of success, we carried out expert technical SEO migration and a range of other techniques including:

  • Mapping out any redirects from the old site to the new and ensuring no broken links
  • Title-tag population to improve the site’s rankings in the eyes of Google
  • Setting up tracking so the brand can gain a deep understanding of customer behaviour and traffic
  • Keyword research to inform the site map and SEO content

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Strengthened brand presence & customer trust

Our designers revamped Wet Wednesday’s existing branding to present the brand as youthful and fun. The bold blue colour palette and childlike illustrations evoke feelings of creativity and excitement whilst a contrasting orange colour guides users to key elements such as the shopping cart and product ribbons.

Bespoke iconography demonstrates credibility by instantly showcasing trust signals such as awards, testimonials and free delivery, as soon as users land on the site.

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Streamlined navigation for a superior customer experience

Creating a seamless experience was paramount to the success of the site. We developed a friction-free and streamlined user journey by implementing a range of features including:

  • Hierarchical, layered navigation
  • Interactive mega menu featuring product imagery
  • Advanced smart search with Searchanise

By incorporating Searchanise, we ensured customers could get to products as fast as lightning by providing autocomplete, smart suggestions and product recommendations, as soon as they enter a search term.

Supercharged sales with a seamless checkout process

We designed and developed a simple two-step checkout process that eliminates the most common risk factors for cart abandonment including a slow process, unexpected shipping costs and poor UX.

The minimal header and footer ensure a smooth checkout process whilst a variety of payment methods including PayPal and Amazon Pay further mitigate the risk of abandoned carts as customers can choose their most trusted payment method.

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5.0 from 47 reviews

Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to have a new website created.

Our brief was a custom website, with lots of complicated functions along the way... & Limely have smashed it and built us an amazing website. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking to have a new website created, their knowledge, experience and professionalism is the best.

Georgia Williams

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