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Interactive digital hubs to strengthen customer relationships

Dreams approached us back in 2020 as they were in need of a digital area to house the knowledge and expertise they’d been sharing through their popular Sleep Matters Club. Since then, we’ve also developed the Dreams Inspire hub which houses modern bedroom decor inspiration and a unique area to showcase their partnership with Team GB.

Strengthening brand identity for Sleep Matters Club & Inspire

We developed two individual design styles for the Inspire and Sleep Matters Club digital hubs, each reflecting their unique purpose whilst retaining Dreams’ brand identity.

For the Inspire hub, we ensured a luxury interior design feel with handwritten typography and bespoke iconography. For the Sleep Matters Club, we developed their existing colour palette, designed bespoke iconography and created unique graphics to visually present various educational resources in a fun and engaging way.

Driving conversions with shoppable product hotspots

Whilst the main priority of the digital inspiration hub was to engage users, we recognised a fantastic opportunity to drive conversions within the inspiration articles. By incorporating shoppable product hotspots into images within each article, we allow users to ‘quick-view’ a product, before deciding whether to view more information.

This advanced feature vastly improves UX as it allows users to shop in a unique, engaging and exciting way! They can view various products without leaving the article they’re reading and get to enjoy an immersive online experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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Encouraging user engagement with a bespoke Sleep Health Calculator

We developed a Sleep Calculator tool which allows users to assess their current sleep state. Customers simply answer a few basic questions and the calculator provides an accurate sleep score out of 100 before providing tips and tricks on how to get a better night’s sleep.

This feature is invaluable for Dreams as it pushes users from a state of passive consumption to active engagement and in turn, acts as an extremely effective tool in building customer relationships and encouraging brand loyalty.

Building customer trust with our advanced Bedtime Story Finder

To enhance the educational value that Sleep Matters Club brings to their avid readers, Dreams provided a list of their favourite bedtime stories to encourage a good night’s sleep for little ones.

To make choosing a story quick and easy, we created an advanced, interactive Bedtime Story Finder which enables parents to find great books, in an instant. The tool includes various genres, front cover images, synopsis snippets and a simple layout to aid in the quest for the perfect book. Once a story is chosen, users can locate the book at their local library in just one click!

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Tapping into a new audience with a bespoke Horoscope Calculator

As the Mercury Retrograde becomes an increasingly hot topic, Dreams wanted to piggyback the trend to reach a new audience. We created a bespoke Horoscope Calculator that educates users about their horoscope and explains how it can affect sleeping habits when Mercury is in retrograde. Users simply have to enter their date of birth to get their results.

Stylish graphics and iconography aid in creating a superior customer experience that users will thoroughly enjoy and in the long run, the tool will increase returning visitors.

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Increased mobile sessions with responsive designs

As a customer-centric brand, Dreams wanted to prioritise the user experience above everything else. Whether working on the Sleep Matters Club or Inspire, a seamless experience between mobile and desktop was essential to the success of the project.

We ensured superior mobile experiences by implementing thumb-friendly navigation, optimising imagery and employing responsive design to ensure lightning-fast loading times and an adaptive layout that will display perfectly, regardless of a device a site visitor uses.

Instilling trust with an Olympic Team GB collaboration

When Dreams approached us to create a dedicated page to house their collaboration with Team GB, we knew we had to include an abundance of trust signals to build customer loyalty. We designed a content area within the Sleep Matters Club hub that displays all of the latest news from the Olympics in addition to expert guides written by Team GB athletes and Dreams experts.

We also included a bespoke gold medal countdown feature that automatically increased as Team GB won gold medals, encouraging return visitors who wanted to keep up to date with how the team was getting on!

Seamless user journeys with streamlined site navigation

To provide a seamless shopping experience for customers, we optimised site navigation to ensure that each and every user who lands on the site, has a lightning-fast and enjoyable experience.

To ensure consistency between the digital hubs and main website, we developed a technological bridge which syncs the main elements from the SAP Commerce Cloud (HYBRIS) store to the WordPress site. This ensures that both the header and footer within the digital hubs is always synchronised with the main ecommerce platform and maintaining consistency between all areas of the site.

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