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Developing interactive magazines for global toy shops to increase conversions

The Entertainer and Early Learning Centre approached us to create two show-stopping digital magazine experiences. Their ultimate goal was to inspire and educate their audience with digital hubs that are uplifting, inspirational and informative.

Bespoke digital hubs that build robust relationships

Previously, The Entertainer and ELC didn’t have a dedicated area to house inspirational content that builds trust with site visitors. We wanted to ensure that they could take full advantage of the new opportunities that came along with the new digital hubs by:

  • Implementing shoppable product hotspots
  • Ensuring navigational consistency
  • Creating content marketing opportunities

The Entertainer’s new digital magazines provide a fantastic platform for content marketing strategies and help to build a community of like-minded individuals that will come back to their site, time and time again.

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Encouraging conversions with shoppable product hotspots

To maximise the effectiveness of the digital magazines in generating sales and increasing conversions, we implemented an advanced functionality that allows the team to add ‘product hotspots’ to images within each article.

This unique solution brings products into blog posts in the form of hotspots, allowing users to click directly on a product within an image to view more information. In turn, enhancing the user experience as viewers can browse products whilst consuming valuable content.

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Navigational consistency to enhance the user journey

We ensured that the new digital magazines seamlessly integrate with the primary websites by utilising the same navigational menu and incorporating the same footer links throughout. This ensures that the user experience feels very intuitive and prevents any friction points that could cause frustration and ultimately, lead to users leaving the site.

Building a community with content marketing opportunities

Digital hubs provide a fantastic platform for content marketing strategies and offering the ability to adapt landing pages to reinforce key marketing messages can encourage conversions and drive growth.

We provided the functionality for the brands to change the colour themes within their digital magazines to provide opportunties for the marketing team. Now, they can quickly jump on the bandwagon of key celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, in addition to major trends such as the launch of the Barbie movie, helping to keep the brands relevant whilst also boosting SEO efforts.


Driving mobile conversions with responsive design

Offering a streamlined, mobile-focused and responsive website design is absolutely essential. Failure to do so is a sure-fire way to disappoint users and leave them feeling underwhelmed or frustrated.

To ensure that users feel excited when interacting with the toy brands, we ensured a lightning-fast and streamlined mobile experience that is sure to impress. By using a range of techniques including thumb-friendly navigation, optimised imagery and offering a clear user journey, we ensure that every user experiences the same level of satisfaction.

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Capturing user attention with fun and youthful design elements

We ensured that the design of the digital magazines featured bright colours and a youthful font to reflect the sense of wonder we all have as children.

The soft, rounded edges used for showcasing imagery underpins the fun and child-friendly design within the articles themselves. The minimalistic design ensures that the digital hubs are user-friendly and accessible whilst colour coding instantly highlights the category an article belongs to; whether it’s a buying guide, activity ideas, parenting tips or family fun.


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5.0 from 47 reviews

Excellent work from the Limely team.

Very clear processes and management of the project, on time, and adhering to everything that was agreed.. Limely team are very knowledgeable and supported superbly throughout the project, well done guys.

Steve Seage

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