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Re-designing an outdated website and optimising for mobile

Back in August 2021, Tile Merchant approached Limely as they needed a UX overhaul, brand new website layout and mobile optimisation to strengthen their online storefront. We streamlined the ecommerce experience by reducing friction points, enhancing trust signals and improving the user journey.

Tile Merchant is Ireland’s premier online retailer for quality tiles, paving and wood flooring from all over the world. When your feet next step on a luxurious floor, Tile Merchant most likely had something to do with it!

Team Limely couldn’t wait to get stuck into creating an elegant, aesthetically pleasing and functional website for this reputable brand!

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Creating the optimum user journey

Ensuring that the online user journey matches the superior quality of Tile Merchant’s products

It was extremely important that Tile Merchant’s new website reflected the brand’s strong reputation. So, Limely got to work on creating not only stunning but high-functioning features to make the site stand out in the digital crowd.

Image navigation features and an interactive mega-menu allows visitors to find the category they are looking for quickly and seamlessly, whilst integrated stock features display current stock availability.

Limely included customer reviews on the home-page, instantly highlighting those all important trust-signals to customers visiting the site for the first time.

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Enhancing the customer experience and reducing abandoned carts

Team Limely developed an invaluable site feature that allows customers to not only save the room dimensions of their current project, but also enables them to save multiple room dimensions at the same time.

This helpful tool allows customers to view the total price of tiles or flooring for their room in addition to individual tile prices. Providing this information allows the customer to clearly see the total price of the products they are browsing and is likely to reduce abandoned carts as there is not a sudden price increase at the checkout.

Smart Search Tools for Increased Conversion

Boosting conversion rates with Searchanise

Integrated smart search tools enhance the customer experience by enabling autocomplete, search suggestion and synonym features which activate when the user begins to type a keyword. With a catalogue of almost 3000 products, Searchanise allows the user to find relevant products in less than a second, delivering results before the customer gets bored of waiting!

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Limely set out to create a first-class mobile experience for Tile Merchant’s customers

Previously, Tile Merchant’s website-traffic was 73% mobile. Hence, it was incredibly important that the new website was mobile friendly. In addition, many of Tile Merchant’s sales were started online but completed via telephone. The new mobile-optimised site encourages customers to purchase there and then and reduces pressure on call centers, leading to a more efficient sales process.

Limely integrated a WhatsApp feature on the product pages to allow for quick-sharing. Customers can easily share the products they love with people they love. Greatly improving the user-journey and allowing for easy access to recently viewed products within the frequently used app.

Seamless Checkout Process

Ensuring the user experience is as seamless as possible

A seamless checkout process is vital for reducing the number of abandoned carts. So, we diminished distractions on the checkout page with a minimal header and footer and kept the design simple to encourage customers to complete purchases.

Additionally, we created a ‘quick-add’ feature for ordering samples of various tiles and flooring materials. Encouraging customers to order a free cut sample or purchase a full tile at the touch of a button. Considering that free samples have been proven to increase sales by up to 2000%, it was a no-brainer to add this sleek feature to the site.

Team Limely also integrated a variety of payment options such as Google Pay and Humm Finance. Statistics show that increasing the number of payment options increases the chance of a customer completing a purchase and in turn, becoming a regular customer.

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Click&Collect Feature

To enhance Tile Merchant’s already excellent customer services, we built a Click&Collect feature

Time is of the essence for customers who are ready to make a purchase, that’s why Limely built a Click&Collect feature for Tile Merchant’s site. Saving users time and money, what’s not to like? Click&Collect enables customers to make a purchase decision and have the product in their hands much faster than delivery would allow. The instant nature of this feature is a persuasive sales tool when customers are faced with making purchase decisions.

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Developing TradePLUS+

Realising that many of Tile Merchant’s loyal customers were trade customers, we created a whole area within the site dedicated to wholesalers.

Having an area and pricing strategy dedicated to trade customers demonstrates Tile Merchant’s expertise in dealing with B2B clients. Increasing trust and confidence when visiting the site.


SEO is vital for increasing traffic and gaining new customers

Team Limely ensured that the Tile Merchant site was SEO friendly by providing the ability to add more content to category pages, without pushing the products below the fold. This solution provides the best of both worlds in terms of SEO and user experience.

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Absolute love it

We could not recommend Limely enough! When creating our new website we were incredibly satisfied with their professionalism, attention to detail and communication. Creating a website is never easy but the Limely team seems to have perfected it. Every request of ours whether design or functional was accommodated for.

Keith Sood

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