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A powerful Magento 2 store to drive ecommerce growth

Tile Merchant approached Limely as they needed a UX overhaul, brand new website layout and mobile optimisation to strengthen their online storefront. We streamlined the ecommerce experience by reducing friction points, enhancing trust signals and improving the user journey.

Responsive web design increased mobile revenue by 57%

Previously, 73% of Tile Merchant’s customers visited the mobile site before completing a transaction on desktop. Therefore, it was crucial to utilise responsive design and ensure a seamless user experience, whether visiting from mobile, desktop or tablet. We implemented a range of features including:

  • Streamlined checkout process
  • Thumb-friendly navigation
  • Lightning-fast page speed

By implementing clear call to actions throughout the mobile-first site, reducing distractions and incorporating trust signals, we increased mobile revenue by 57%.

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Bespoke free sample feature to build customer loyalty

We created a bespoke free sample feature which enables customers to order up to 5 free cut-samples in just a few clicks, without having to enter payment information which can be time-consuming and off-putting for users.

This ‘quick-add’ feature for ordering samples of various tiles and flooring materials encourages conversions due to its simplicity and speed. By limiting the number of free samples a customer can order, we enabled users to make quick decisions without overwhelming them or causing decision aversion.

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Driving a 28.8% increase in revenue with streamlined checkout

Previously, Tile Merchant’s online checkout process was time consuming and restrictive in terms of payment options.

To reduce abandoned carts and encourage conversions, we diminished distractions on the checkout page with a minimal header and footer, ensured a lightning-fast experience and integrated a range of payment options including Google Pay and PayPal, in addition to a payment plan option via Humm Finance.

Now, customers can always choose their preferred payment method which has helped to reduce abandoned carts by almost 10%.

Reducing abandoned carts with an advanced room calculator

Previously, customers had to manually work out how many square metres of tiling they needed to fulfil their project, leading to many abandoned carts. To prevent this, we created a bespoke room calculator tool where users simply enter their room measurements and our calculator displays the upfront cost of their project, alongside the quantity of tiles they’ll need.

Since the website launched, there has been an increase in returning visitors, a 23.23% increase in average order value and a 9.99% decrease in abandoned carts, highlighting the success of this tool!

Encouraging sales with bespoke Click & Collect feature

As society becomes more ingrained with the ‘want it now’ culture, customers want products instantaneously and are unwilling to wait for standard delivery methods. That’s why we developed a Click & Collect feature which enables site visitors to see a range of tiles they like the look of and pick them up on the same day.

The success of this feature is highlighted by the fact that Tile Merchant has seen a noteworthy 28.8% increase in revenue since this feature was introduced to the site.

Superior SEO strategies that increased page views by 40.5%

After carrying out a thorough website audit, we migrated the website, ensuring that all redirects were implemented and tested before conducting pre-live and post-live checks to ensure that the migration went as smoothly as can be.

We provided the functionality to include additional content at the bottom of each category page as content blocks were previously pushing products below the fold and negatively impacting the user experience. This SEO content has been instrumental in the success of the new site in terms of search engine rankings and providing value to users.

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Driving B2B sales with TradePLUS+ portal

As a significant proportion of Tile Merchant’s revenue comes from tradespeople, we developed a bespoke feature that caters specifically to their needs and pain-points. TradePLUS+ provides a dedicated area for tradespeople to login and access a variety of useful tools, from exclusive discounts to priority Click & Collect before stores open to the public.

The feature allows Tile Merchant to create customer groups and apply different discounts to those unique groups. This advanced functionality enables Tile Merchant to provide excellent customer service for their trade clients and subsequently, build trust and customer loyalty.


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We could not recommend Limely enough!

We could not recommend Limely enough! When creating our new website we were incredibly satisfied with their professionalism, attention to detail and communication. Creating a website is never easy but the Limely team seems to have perfected it. Every request of ours whether design or functional was accommodated for.

Keith Sood

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