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Creating a beautiful and functional Magento 2 website

When Lingerie Outlet Store approached us seeking a revamped version of their successful ecommerce site, we knew there were big things coming. The project was an exciting one from the word go! We’d be crafting a modernised, on-trend design and building the store on Magento 2 to keep LOS running their business in style and using up-to-date technologies.

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Unleashing the power of Magento 2

By far the biggest challenge of this project was to build the new Lingerie Outlet Store on Magento 2 but we knew how important it was and how rewarding it would be. With lightning-fast page loading, improved visual merchandising and new UX-focused shopping features, we couldn’t wait to get started on this.

It was a no-brainer to build Lingerie Outlet Store’s new site on Magento 2 – a powerful and fully-functional platform that’s bang up-to-date. Just what they needed!

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A ‘complete the look’ feature

Modern-day ecommerce isn’t just about selling products to the user. It’s about an entire shopping experience: recommending new products, inspiring the shopper and creating a smooth user journey.

Linking products together was the perfect way to bring Lingerie Outlet Store to the forefront of online shopping technology. When you visit a product page on their website now, our clever little algorithm will recommend matching or similar products to give you the full set!

Reducing bounce rate, increasing conversion

Let’s not mess around here: conversions are crucial to any ecommerce website. And we knew that this was going to be the focal point of our work with Lingerie Outlet Store. To ensure that the lingerie retailer could retain their loyal customer base and increase it even further, we added in pop-ups to entice the user to complete their journey.

Using one-off discount codes and snappy messages, we’re confident that these stylish little features will reduce bounce rate and see those conversions soar even higher.

And that’s not all – the entire website has been designed and built to hone in on conversion and bounce rates. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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Search by size

Who doesn’t love a unique feature when shopping online? Visitors to the Lingerie Outlet Store website will be greeted with an easy-to-use-and-find search bar above the main nav. But they’ll also be able to search purely by size, allowing shoppers to only view products available in their individual bra size! Handy, right?

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Unmissable deal of the day

To encourage users to complete that all-important purchase, we’ve included a funky ‘deal of the day’ box on the Offers page. Lingerie Outlet Store was keen to offer shoppers an out-of-this-world deal that would be completely impossible to leave behind.

And hopefully, they’ll add some more bits and bobs to their basket whilst they’re at it…

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Flick through the digital magazine

To inspire users with interesting articles and up-to-date news, we create a dedicated ‘magazine’ page for Lingerie Outlet Store. It’s essentially a blog format, jam-packed with information, style ideas and product recommendations.

From crucial fitting advice to answering controversial questions, this gorgeous digital magazine aims to boost SEO and create trust between Lingerie Outlet Store and their customers.

Quick and easy to search

As we mentioned earlier, the search bar is super easy to find for customers – placed right above the main nav. However, we wanted to make the search process itself just as easy, too.

Using Magento 2’s powerful and effective integration with Searchanise, the intelligent search bar will suggest products as the user types. It’ll take into consideration similar products and spelling mistakes! Clever. And not only that, but the search feature will show useful image and price previews of the top suggest products!

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Inactivity Pop-Up

Although we’ve reached perfection, there’s always room for improvement! (They said, modestly). Limely and Lingerie’s collaboration is ongoing as we want to sustain a high level of performance, functionality and most importantly, UX.

With that said, we implemented an inactivity pop-up which recognises when a user has been inactive on a page for a certain amount of time. In response, a window automatically appears on the page notifying the user of their inactivity and displays other products on the site that they may want to browse. This not only actively improves user experience but tactically keeps the user on the site as it leads them to more products, rather than the exit.

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Wait, there’s more…gift cards, wishlists and size guides

That’s not all. Lingerie Outlet Store’s new website really is packed to the rafters with impressive and unique features. Customers will be able to purchase gift cards online along with their own order – perfect for a loved one’s birthday or special occasion!

On top of that, we’ve integrated a powerful wishlists feature to keep shoppers interested and coming back for more. This was a no-brainer – a good fashion-based retail site should be expected to offer a wishlist feature as standard.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve designed a funky size guides section to inform users and create a sense of trust and loyalty to Lingerie Outlet Store. You can’t say we don’t go all out.

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A huge success

Working with Limely has been a pleasure from the start. The team have given us the support we needed every step of the way and we’re already excited about the results we’re seeing. Always quick to respond and continue to look at new ways to improve the site.

Clare Hanes

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