Increasing organic transactions by 86.6% for stone flooring retailer

Driving ecommerce conversions and increasing organic traffic for Starel Stones.


Increase in organic transactions


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in ecommerce conversion rate

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Starel Stones


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An advanced SEO strategy that increased traffic and boosted revenue

When Starel Stones approached us in need of a supercharged SEO strategy to give the brand a competitive edge, we couldn’t wait to get started. By conducting a range of audits, technical fixes and on-page optimisation, we saw some fantastic results.

Identifying key opportunities for SEO improvements

To identify key opportunities for improvement, we meticulously conducted a range of technical audits which analyse technical aspects of the website including:

  • Crawlability: Assessing site & URL Structure, JavaScript, redirects, rerver errors and more.
  • Page Speed: Assessing image optimisation, responsive design, code bloat and indexability.
  • Internal Linking: Analysing XML & HTML sitemap, duplicate content, structured data and more.

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Increasing organic traffic by 86.6%

As the ultimate goal for Starel Stones was to increase organic revenue, we ensured the site had a robust foundation to build upon by implementing a range of technical fixes and conducting ongoing monitoring.

By optimising the technical elements throughout the site, we ensured the best possible chances of Starel Stones ranking highly and gaining more organic traffic as search engines can seamlessly crawl the site and in turn, display the web pages within the SERPs.

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Starel Stones

Keyword research & gap analysis to increase high-value users

To identify target keywords, topics and phrases that Starel Stones’ ideal customers are actively using, we conducted extensive keyword research for each section of the website. This also enabled us to undertake GAP analysis where we identified key search terms that competitors ranked for and provided additional content opportunities.

Our thorough keyword research was used to optimise pages for the most relevant keywords, to identify content opportunties and to inform the internal linking strategy. By tracking these keywords, we were able to monitor ranking performance over time and adjust the strategy as needed.

On-page optimisation to drive user engagement

In order to drive highly-targeted organic traffic and increase Starel Stones’ position within the search engine results pages (SERPs), we implemented a range of on-page optimisations including:

  • Meta descriptions & alt-text
  • Headings & subheadings
  • Title tags
  • Internal linking

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Developing a bespoke content strategy

Utilising our extensive keyword research, we developed a bespoke content strategy for Starel Stones which consisted of various content ideas that could be used to gain an edge over competitors, drive organic traffic to their site and increase their rankings within the SERPs.

Additionally, investing time in creating high-quality, inspirational and informative content is absolutely paramount to increasing user engagement and driving customer loyalty. Having a robust SEO strategy with target keywords underpinning the content strategy was crucial to driving growth for Starel Stones.

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