Increasing conversions by 60% for Towbar Express

Migrating an existing Magento 1 site to Magento 2 and implementing a range of advanced features.


increase in conversions


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Towbar Express




Website Design & Development, Ecommerce

A lightning-fast Magento 2 ecommerce store to increase conversions

Towbar Express approached us back in 2018 to upgrade their existing Magento 1 website to Magento 2 to drive growth and scale the brand. We designed and developed a shiny new ecommerce store with a range of advanced features that streamline the user journey and eliminate friction points to improve the overall customer experience.

Since then, we’ve built a strong relationship with Towbar Express and consistently implement UX improvements, quick fixes and develop new features to keep the brand at the top of their game.

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Streamlined buying journey increased conversions by 60%

Streamlined buying journeys are absolutely integral to pushing users down the ecommerce funnel and encouraging conversions. Our bespoke ‘Find Your Towbar’ feature is positioned front and centre of the homepage to ensure that site visitors can quickly browse the towbars that fit their exact vehicle make and model.

Users simply have to enter their postcode and number plate before they’re presented with the range of towbars that fit their requirements. Ultimately, this speeds up the buying journey and encourages users to convert.

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Advanced vehicle management database to maximise efficiency

We developed a bespoke script that enables Towbar Express to manage their vehicle inventory, pricing and towbar options, all from once place. The advanced vehicle management feature allows the team to quickly and efficiently update product variations and prices in bulk, saving valuable time and improving internal administrative processes.

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Ongoing UX improvements increased transactions by 22.3%

Over the years, we’ve undertaken a plethora of UX improvements for Towbar Express to ensure that their new website remains relevant and at the forefront of the latest ecommerce trends and features. From designing eye-catching promotional banners to guide users to unique offers to streamlining product pages to remove friction points and improve clarity, we’ve conducted a range of improvements that have led to increased transactions for the brand.

Branded trade pages nurture client relationships

In order to nurture key client relationships that Towbar Express have built with a range of car garages and automotive brands, we developed bespoke branded trade pages that feature their clients’ branding. These pages can be used during the car sales process encourage towbar sales during car purchasing journeys.

Not only do these pages create lasting trade relationships, they also promote upselling and lead to increased sales for Towbar Express.


Advanced JS bundling for lightning-fast performance

Speed is of the essence when it comes to ecommerce. That’s why we incorporated Magento 2’s advanced JS bundling feature within the major pages of the Towbar Express website. Put simply, this feature ensures rapid loading times by compressing files and ensuring that the major pages only load necessary files for exceptional performance with no chance of lagging or slow loading times.

Trust signals & reviews integration to instantly instil trust

To instil trust in users as soon as they land on the website, we integrated Trust Pilot and incorporated a range of trust signals throughout the site to showcase thousands of happy customers and the excellent care that Towbar Express offer to their customers.

Bespoke iconography within announcement banners across the site help to highlight the range of benefits that the brand offer to their customers including reliable towbar guarantees, professional fitting and a 5* service. As soon as users land on their site they are met with5* verified reviews, promotional banners highlighting their authority within their industry and icons that demonstrate their trustworthiness and dependability.

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SEO-driven location pages to boost organic traffic

To enhance Towbar Express’ SEO strategy, we designed, developed and launched a range of SEO-driven location pages to improve organic rankings and traffic for specified search queries. As a result of in-depth keyword research, the targeted location pages have increased local traffic to the website and improved organic rankings within the search engine results pages.

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Superior UX with responsive web design

Responsive web design is absolutely essential for optimising ecommerce websites to succeed! Our talented designers and developers always work together to create ultra-responsive, mobile-friendly web designs that offer thumb-friendly navigation and automated adjustments to various screen sizes. As a result, we ensure that the online shopping experience is user-friendly, streamlined and encourages users to convert, wether they’re visiting the site from an iPad, iPhone, Android, MacBook, PC, laptop or any other device!

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Love working with Limely!

Love working with Limely! They are always approachable, full of ideas and a pleasure to deal with, would highly recommend.

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