Why Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Different This Year

26 November 2021| Post by Robbie3 minutes


Here we see a reader sitting on the other side of their screen, hungrily needing some Black Friday content.

They’re wondering, what’s with the title? What’s so different about Black Friday in 2021? But most importantly, will this blog post tell me how I can bag a bargain today?

You see, we’ve emerged from lockdown with money burning holes in our pockets. The markets are here, the trees are up, Christmas is on the horizon and people are retail-happy. Retail holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just a bit of foreplay leading up to the festive season (sorry Santa). We want to spend our money and we want to spend it now. For God’s sake, we deserve it, don’t we? It’s been a crazy few years, and Christmas last year was practically cancelled.

Unfortunately, there’s been a semiconductor shortage for a while now. Even post-covid, microchip makers were struggling with high levels of demand. And then what does the world go and do? Boom. Global pandemic. Lock everyone in their houses. And out of boredom, we turned to Amazon. (We get it, that Next Day Delivery is too tempting). But this increased demand and insisted that manufacturers get the right prices and volumes of items/components coming through.

Everything seems to be microchipped now, from tumble dryers to electric toothbrushes – it’s not only your computers. It’s not chirpy that everything chippy wasn’t working. As a way to combat this, some manufacturers have given these important components to high-priority products. For example, Samsung did this with some of their displays earlier this year, and has been one of the reasons why Sony had been struggling to produce enough PlayStation 5’s.

Online sales are higher now than ever and some businesses are struggling to cope. You only need to take one look at the truck driver shortage that’s leaving supermarkets bare-shelved to understand what we mean.

Black Friday is no longer just a day, it seems to last an entire month now. Especially with the aftermath of Cyber Monday, these highly popular retail sales leave a lingering aftertaste.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday gives consumers who might have otherwise missed the in-person sales of Black Friday the opportunity to take advantage of sales once again. It’s all 100% online, hence the name. Cyber Monday is your best friend if you’ve had too busy a week to get all your Christmas presents at a Black Friday bargain. How do I prepare for it, you ask? Well, sit down, buckle up and listen closely, because we’re gonna spill all the secrets on this one.

The biggest, most easiest thing you need to make sure you’re doing is following your favourite retailer’s social media accounts. This is where all the marketing happens. You’ll be first to hear about all the sales, discounts and bargains available, without the worry of a promotion email getting lost in the void of Gmail. Always have a nosey at previous years, too, so you can check out what kind of discounts these retailers do and if it’s even worth the excitement. Thirdly, keep your finger on the pulse of your favourite ecommerce websites. First come, first served. You should up your game on this one.

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