10 Trending Products To Sell Online In 2024

Paul Gregory

In 2024, the ecommerce industry is set to reach a grand total of $8.1 trillion!

If you’re looking to get a slice of the action by launching your very own online business, or simply want to find the most popular products within your industry, we’ve gathered the top 10 trending products in 2024.

1. Skincare

The skincare industry has rapidly grown over the last few years with social media influencers igniting the growth via ‘get ready with me’ videos and how to guides. Alongside this, consumers are increasingly seeking products made with high-quality ingredients and ethical practices. Trends such as vegan skincare, cruelty-free formulations, innovative ingredients like snail mucin and skincare technology are leading a skincare revolution and we’re sure that the online skincare industry will only continue to thrive in 2024 and beyond. If you’re a skincare or holistic health brand, jumping on this trend by writing in-depth, informative articles is sure to drive growth for your ecommerce business.

2. Beauty & Makeup

Beauty and makeup remains a perennially popular product category, with constant innovations reshaping the industry. Lip stain emerged as a top trend last year, and while search volumes have slightly decreased, sustained interest on social media suggests continued popularity into 2024. Many makeup brands are leveraging celebrity endorsements and influencer marketing, as seen with Rare Beauty and Selena Gomez’s viral TikTok videos and creating makeup tutorials to educate customers and maximise product usage. If you want to take advantage of the trending beauty and makeup industry, consider promoting trending products such as lip stain and quickly jump on viral social media trends such as the “latte makeup” and “ephemeral expression” we saw in 2023.

3. Drinkware

Insulated tumblers, epitomised by viral models such as the Stanley Quencher, have surged in popularity. Projected to generate $1.9 billion by 2028, these oversized cups serve as practical and environmentally friendly hydration aids. Shot glasses also gained prominence as top-selling items, prized for their year-round relevance. When marketing drinkware online, focusing on long-tail keywords niche buyers search for, such as “tequila shot glasses” and “cool shot glasses” can enhance visibility. If you’re a homeware brand, be sure to jump on this trend with unique, original content and we’re sure you’ll see some great results!

4. Posters & Artwork

The ease of ecommerce store builders have democratised the art market in recent years, enabling artists to sell their work globally and monetise their creations without traditional gallery representation. One major advantage of selling artwork online is the ability to offer print-on-demand products, allowing artists and homeware retailers to sell prints without physical inventory. This reduces upfront costs and storage needs, opening up new possibilities. In 2023, the global contemporary art market hit a world record in terms of the number of transactions so we’re sure to see continued growth in the industry in 2024 and beyond. When marketing posters and artwork, it’s crucial to highlight the stories behind each piece and utilise high-quality images to showcase the art effectively.

5. Candles

The global candles market is valued at over $10 billion in 2024, with candles serving various purposes beyond home decor, including aromatherapy in spas and creating ambiance in restaurants. Consumers primarily purchase candles to decorate their homes and for relaxation purposes, according to the National Candle Association. Google Trends also revealed a sustained interest in “homemade candles.” Homemade candles are relatively easy to produce, making them an attractive option for novice entrepreneurs but this trend also extends to well-established homeware brands who want to venture into the candle market. By creating inspirational home decor guides and social media videos including candles, brands can jump on this trend.

6. Bicycles

Ebikes are transforming the cycling landscape, offering power-assisted rides that make commuting easier, especially on challenging terrain and appeal to a broader audience. Google Trends indicates a rising interest in “ebikes” over the past five years, with searches peaking over the summer months. Sales are projected to grow annually by 10% until 2030! For those in the traditional biking industry, venturing into new territory with ebikes could be a rewarding strategic business move if you act fast. Alternatively, writing content that compares and contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of ebikes compared to traditional push bikes could be a great way to jump on the trending search and highlight the benefits of your traditional offering.

7. Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamins and supplements dominated sales for US Shopify merchants last year, offering solutions from immune boosters to workout enhancers. Google searches reveal a surge in interest for sleep aids like “melatonin gummies” and “magnesium spray benefits,” indicating a growing trend in incorporating supplements into daily routines. Exemplified by Kourtnery Kardashian’s new gummy brand “Lemme” that was launched in 2023, it’s clear that this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! Effective marketing strategies include partnering with health influencers, offering bundle deals and repeat subscriptions that make the health supplements easy to manage for consumers.

8. Cookware

Cookware has seen an increase in demand with trending queries including “cast iron pans” and “Staub vs Le Creuset”. Consumers are actively looking for valuable information regarding cookware to help them make informed decisions. A great way to reach these consumers who are in the consideration phase of the buying journey would be to create targeted content in the form of social media posts, Youtube video and in-depth comparison blog posts or articles that can truly help users find the best cookware for their needs. Cookware includes everything from pots and pans to utensils and other kitchen tools, so if you’re running a homeware ecommerce website, now is the time to hone in on your cookware offering and take advantage of this growing trend.

9. Nail care

Nail care is growing by approximately 5% per year, with TikTok and Instagram driving the growth with nail trends such as “blueberry milk” “aura nails” and “ballerina core” growing in popularity. Alongside aesthetic nail trends, nail health is also an area growing in popularity with searches such as “cuticle oil” increasing steadily over the past few years. If you’re in the beauty ecommerce industry, jumping on this trend with blog posts and promotional nail care banners could be a great way to piggyback the growth of the nail care industry.

10. Socks

As showing off your socks becomes an increasingly popular fashion trend (after a long time as a fashion faux-pas may we add), searches for socks across search engines and social media have been increasing since the pandemic. Fuelled by the athleisure trend that has exponentially grown since we were all confined to our houses during the lockdown of 2020, socks have seen a resurgence in popularity. If you’re a fashion ecommerce brand, consider designing some unique socks and marketing them across your social channels and within your blog to truly take advantage of this fashion trend in 2024.

And there we have it! The top 10 products to sell online in 2024. If you’re an existing brand that wants to venture into new products to gain more traction in 2024 or a new entrepreneur who wants to launch your very first Shopify website, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get you well on your way to ecommerce success.

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