The Best Shopify Home & Interior Ecommerce Websites In 2024

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As we enter 2024, it is predicted that the UK home interior market will continue to grow rapidly! 

That’s why we’ve gathered our top 10 home & interior Shopify websites that stand out from the crowd and boast a range of unique features that drive results for their respective brands. Whether they have a beautiful website layout, superior UX, bespoke features that personalise the customer experience or something much more niche, we’re here to unpick the best elements of these Shopify ecommerce websites so you can choose the right options for your business. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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1. Jonathan Adler

Since 1993 Jonathan Adler has been creating exemplary pottery and ceramics that provide joy and fun to homes all over the world. So it’s only right that his Shopify website does exactly the same. Bursting with high-quality, creative photography, seamless tooltips to guide users through the site and streamlined navigation to ensure a quickly and easy buying journey, it’s safe to say that this Shopify interior site is one to watch!

Standout Features:

  • Colour swatches and tooltips on product detail page (PDP) helps to guide users
  • Highly-creative, high-quality photography instantly showcases brand identity
  • Hierarchical, layered navigation to ensure a streamlined user journey
  • Gift edits offer value for site visitors (e.g. Gifts Under £50)
  • UGC offers social proof and builds trust in first-time site visitors
  • ‘Write a review’ call-to-action encourages users to provide feedback
  • Key promotions and offers highlighted in the notification bar

2. Lust Home

Lust Home is a British wallpaper and interiors brand that specialises in original designs that allow customers to have something magical and out of the ordinary within their homes. The home interior brand is solely online and the effort they’ve put into making their Shopify ecommerce website stand out from the crowd is apparent from the minute you land on their colourful, attention-grabbing and easy to navigate website.

Standout Features:

  • ‘Shop by trend’ feature offers a unique experience for users
  • Creative and colourful photography instantly showcases brand identity
  • Bespoke iconography is used to highlight trust signals within the notification banner (e.g. Free delivery & 4.7 review rating)
  • ‘Add sample’ feature within category pages allows users to quickly narrow down their wallpaper choices
  • Dedicated blog provides inspiration, advice and tons of value to users and builds brand loyalty
  • Unique, graphic-led about page captures attention and shows users what the brand is all about

3. Sous Chef

As out and out food lovers, Sous Chef specialise in everything from the finest ingredients to gifts that foodies would love, tableware and cookware. As a not-so-conventional home and interior brand, we still think that this Shopify website deserves a shout out! With tons of advanced features including a smart search tool, detailed filter options, lightning-fast page speed and a fantastic inspiration area, we’re sure you’re going to love this site as much as we do.

Standout Features:

  • Smart search feature that provides synonym suggestions, predictive search and displays products, categories and pages related to a user’s search term
  • Exclusive rewards area for site members builds customer loyalty and retention
  • Feefo integration instantly builds customer trust by displaying verified reviews on product cards and showcasing their 5 star rating in the notification bar
  • Graphic-style iconography highlights trust signals including free delivery, next-day delivery and their rewards programme
  • Image-led navigation for world cuisines quickly guides users to the type of ingredients they’re looking for
  • Dedicated recipe & inspiration areas serve as fantastic content marketing opportunties and provide value for Sous Chef customers
  • Detailed filters within category pages allow users to narrow down products and improves UX

4. Sophie Allport

Since 2007, Sophie Allport has created timeless interior pieces that put smiles on people’s face across the globe. The successful lifestyle brand offers classic British heritage pieces for the home that have their own quirky design style to spread joy, whatever the season. The Shopify ecommerce website truly reflects this with cheerful photography, a minimal and clean website layout and gift inspiration for every recipient (pets included!).

Standout Features:

  • Multi-level, responsive and mobile-friendly mega menu
  • ‘Personalised’ category allows users to shop solely for items they can personalise which makes a great feature for a Shopify site that sells gifts
  • Sticky navigation for streamlined navigation no matter where a user is on the page or site
  • Magazine-style featured collections create a memorable experience for users
  • Feefo integration builds trust by showcasing verified reviews and ratings
  • Iconography highlights site benefits including free delivery, secure online payments & global shipping)
  • ‘You may also like’ upselling feature when a user adds a product to their basket to increase AOV
  • ‘Our story’ interactive timeline feature highlights the experience of the brand and builds trust

5. Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is a household brand that everyone knows and loves, and the same goes for their Shopify store. A captivating video on the homepage instantly engages users and leaves them wanting to discover more about the brand and its products whilst various trust signals instantly instil trust and build customer loyalty. Streamlined navigation, well thought-out product display cards and nifty conversion tools make the Joseph Joseph ecommerce website stand out from the crowd.

Standout Features:

  • Detailed product cards show reviews, add to bag, price and colour tooltips so users know everything they need to know to make a decision about a product, without leaving the category page
  • Interactive, image-led mega menu for superior navigation
  • ‘Top gift’ banners on product cards encourage conversions
  • Magazine-style blog area houses valuable content that includes product links to drive sales
  • Rolling notification banner showcases trust signals including a 2 year guarantee on all products
  • Video banner on the homepage instantly engages site visitors and entices them to delve into the site

6. Rowen & Wren

Since 2011, Rowen & Wren have been designed and creating beautiful home interior products with a slow-design process at the core. Fast-forward to today and the brand embodies a luxurious lifestyle with high-quality home decor items and gifts that anyone would be over the moon to receive. Rowen & Wren’s Shopify site highlights the versatility of the platform and puts design at the helm with stunning imagery, a creative layout and editorial-style category pages that delight users.

Standout Features:

  • Editorial-quality, creative photography that instantly captures the identity of the interior brand
  • Minimal and clean website design and layout that allows products to shine
  • Multi-layered navigational menu with large imagery to guide users
  • Magazine-style category page layout featuring images of various sizes
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design that allows seamless mobile navigation
  • Customer account area to house wish-lists, order tracking and other important tools

7. Emma Bridgewater

Founded back in 1985, Emma Bridgewater is a staple British brand who migrated over to Shopify Plus in 2017. An extensive product range is expertly categorised within a multi-layered navigation menu that allows users to quickly find the products they’re looking for whilst playful, whimsical and joyous photography and product images capture the Emma Bridgwater brand we all know and love.

Standout Features:

  • Brand colours are used to ensure that key call-to-actions stand out and enhance UX
  • Smart search feature instantly displays product suggestions in the form of images when a user begins to type in a search term
  • Trustpilot integration showcases verified reviews and ratings to instil customer trust and a dedicated customer review page highlights this even further
  • A ‘Personalised’ category page provides unique gift ideas and makes for a customised shopping experience for customers
  • SEO content and internal linking within category pages boosts search engine rankings and aids users in their buying journey
  • ‘Recommended for you’ upselling feature displays product recommendations when a user adds a product to their basket

8. McGee & Co

McGee & Co are a modern and sophisticated interior design studio and homeware brand who pride themselves on curating home decor objects and furnishings that perfectly balance both a vintage and contemporary feel. Their Shopify website boasts a range of advanced features that sit within a contemporary and minimal online space that oozes sophistication and elegance. Features such as a dedicated ‘Designer Trade Program’ account area, featured collections and beautiful styling shots make this website stand out from the crowd.

Standout Features:

  • ‘Designer trade’ account area specifically for trade customers and includes features such as trade discounts, free textile swatches and superior customer service
  • Extensive mega menu helps users to quickly filter down to the product types they’re looking for
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive web design ensures a streamlined shopping experience for users on-the-go
  • ‘Shop the look’ content feature allows users to gain inspiration for their home whilst shopping, creating a seamless experience
  • Image-led smart search feature displays recommended and trending products before a user even begins to enter a search term
  • Product detail pages are minimal and distraction-free to encourage users to tap ‘add to basket’

9. Alessi

Founded way back in 1921 by Alberto Alessi who strongly believed in the power of design, Alessi has grown into a unique brand that creates one of a kind home decor products that make the everyday extraordinary. Just like the brand itself, the Alessi Shopify store also offers superior design elements, unique features and memorable shopping experience for users across the globe.

“A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against common thinking.” – Alberto Alessi 

Standout Features:

  • Immersive shopping experience
  • Transparent navigation to ensure that creative imagery and product photography are prioritised
  • Various payment options included Klarna
  • Attention-grabbing video banners instantly capture attention and engage users whilst reflecting the brand’s iconic personality
  • Infinite scroll feature on category pages keeps users engaged with the site
  • Editorial-style, image-led category page layout also maintains user engagement

10. Case Furniture

Case Furniture is a London-based high-end furniture brand specialising in design that perfectly balances style and function. Utilising modern manufacturing techniques, the brand designs and produces innovative pieces for homes across the globe. Case Furniture’s Shopify website captures the essence of their brand values with a design-led website layout that prioritises beautiful photography and displays products in an editorial magazine style that engages users and creates a seamless online shopping experience. Advanced features such as product hotspots, a 3D virtual showroom tour and price match guarantee reflect the innovative nature of the brand and create an extraordinary user experience.

Standout Features:

  • 3D virtual showroom tour is an innovative feature that reflects the brand’s core values
  • An editorial magazine-style category page layout keeps users engaged
  • Product hotspots within images drive conversions and create a seamless experience from consuming content to online shopping
  • Price match guarantee instantly instils trust in users
  • Trustpilot integration demonstrates credibility and trust with verified reviews and ratings incorporated in various locations across the site
  • Detailed colour swatches allow users to swiftly browse product variations and enhance UX

And there we have it! Our top 10 Shopify home and interior brands to watch out for in 2024! If you’re feeling inspired by these stand-out ecommerce websites, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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