10 Fashion Trends You Need To Know In 2024

Jessica Slack

When it comes to fashion ecommerce, getting ahead of the trends is paramount to success.

We’ve gathered the top 10 fashion trends of 2024 so you can ensure that your ecommerce site is positioned for success. By utilising the following key trends across your social media and within your website content, articles and blog posts, you’ll not only showcase your brand’s expertise and show that you’re at the forefront of the latest trends, you’ll also be able to utilise these popular search terms to drive organic traffic to your website. So, without further ado let’s dive right into the top 10 fashion trends of 2024!

1. Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is a fashion trend that has been emerging since the end of 2022 and it’s set to peak this year. Put simply, this trend is a nonchalant approach to luxury, where it’s just as acceptable to throw a brand new Dior trench over a pair of old vintage jeans as it is to wear head-to-toe designer labels. It’s about juxtaposing luxurious, timeless pieces with simplistic and everyday styles. Fashion brands can jump on this trend with styling videos and ‘how to’ guides on Instagram and TikTok to drive organic social traffic to your website.

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2. Tactile Textiles

Texture is set to play a huge part in fashion in 2024. The rise of tactile textiles has emerged alongside the quiet luxury trend as fashionistas seek quality over quantity and luxurious, textured fabrics are a great way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Fuzzy mohairs, coarse natural fibres and unconventional fabrics will reign supreme in 2024. Alongside the trend of quiet luxury is also a drive towards sustainable fashion which is also increasing the popularity of natural, textured fabrics such as linen, lyocell (Tencel) and hemp, in addition to recycled fabrics. By incorporating sustainable fabrics into your fashion collection, you can demonstrate your commitment to improving the environmental footprint of your brand whilst incorporating keywords surrounding these topics to increase brand awareness.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

3. Eclectic Grandpa

Grandpa chic is a trend that has been around for a while now but doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. In 2024, the trend is evolving into ‘eclectic grandpa’ which encapsulates the chaotic, crazy and drab pieces that your grandpa would pull together; Think colourful knitwear, patterned shorts, collared shirts, loafers and baseball caps. Gigi Hadid, Pedro Pascal and Harry Styles are all ambassadors of the electric grandpa trend, highlighting that it’s a trend for womenswear and menswear alike. Writing blog posts about this trend and incorporating shoppable hotspots within your imagery is a great way to jump on this trend and highlight how your products can fit into this category.

Photo by Ellie Cooper on Unsplash

4. Pointed Toe Shoes

Taking inspiration from the nostalgic nineties trend that has swept the globe over the last few years, pointed toe kitten heels and flats are having a major revival! Whether it’s a satin slingback, mule, Mary Jane or ballerina shoe, one thing’s for sure, it’s all about the pointed toe this year! The pointed style adds an element of sleek and sophisticated elegance to any look and creates a perfect contrast to wide leg jeans. If you’re running an online shoe brand, be sure to create style guides and videos to add value to prospect customers who are looking to jump on this trend and we’re sure you’ll build customer loyalty.

5. Coquette Core

Coquette core takes inspiration from the escapist balletcore trend that has emerged in recent years but takes it to new heights with the focus being on femininity, independence and romance. The trend has Gen-Z fully in its grasp and sees the generation donning vintage jewellery, pink floaty dresses, corsets, pearls, bows, lace and ribbons as they combine Old English English with Bridgerton style and balletcore. Exploding Topics have cited ‘mesh ballet flats’ as one of the search terms that is about to explode thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and Sofia Richie sporting the coquette core shoes. Fashion brands with a target market of Gen-Z can fully jump on this trend and create pieces and accessories featuring all of the elements listed above. Additionally, by creating styling guides and articles that help this audience to fully embrace the trend, you’ll set your brand apart from competitors.

Photo by Sunny Ng on Unsplash

6. Pit Crew

As Formula 1 becomes the world’s most glamorous fashion show, brands are jumping at the chance to design their very own racing jackets and consumers are lapping up the trend! Since the launch of Drive to Survive back in 2019, this fashion trend has been gradually emerging on the sidelines. Fast forward to today and the trend spans much further than leather racing jackets with mesh skirts printed with racing imagery, colour-blocked denim pieces and graphic prints taking the trend to the next level and giving a nod to the likes of Victoria Beckham who was an avid wearer of this trend back in the nineties.

Photo by Robbie Noble on Unsplash

7. Neo-Emo

Neo-Emo or Neo-Punk is a fashion trend rooted in 1970s punk style, but for many of us, will remind us of the high-school emo trend hugely popular in the noughties thanks to the likes of Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams. So what is Neo-Emo? Simply, it’s the modern take on the noughties trend that is now adorned by Kourtney Kardashian and Olivia Rodrigo. Defined by a largely black colour palette, tons of leather, mesh fabrics and pops of vibrant colour, the aim of the trend is to create a grungy yet sexy aesthetic.

8. New Florals

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking! But seriously, florals have taken on a brand new identity for 2024 and are set to make waves across fashion, beauty and interiors. Instead of the same old floral prints, in 2024 sequinned florals, embellished florals, laser-cut florals, 3D florals and rosettes and sheer florals are tipped to set the stage for wearing florals this year. What’s clear is that florals are going to be a key trend over the next year so aligning your content and social media posts with this trend will be a great growth strategy for your fashion brand.

9. Sheer Layers

Sheer layers are dominating the catwalks this year and we’re expecting sheer to be a top trend throughout 2024. Whether its transparent layering tops or sheer socks, this trend is extremely versatile which makes it accessible for the masses. As a result, your fashion ecommerce brand may want to launch your very own sheer layering pieces or simply style your products with some sheer socks or layers to highlight how you are on top of the trends and stand out from the competition.

10. Bows

As we briefly touched upon within the coquette core trend, bows are a dominate 2024 trend across fashion, beauty and even homeware. Therefore, they deserved a paragraph dedicate to dissecting all things bows! Bows came to the forefront almost immediately after the Barbie movie launched and women everywhere wanted to feel that sense of girlish, joyful and comforting nostalgia that came along. The accessible nature of bows and the fact that anyone can whip up a bow out of a simple piece of ribbon, has led to the ubiquitousness of bows that we’re now seeing on clothing, shoes and even at weddings! If your fashion brand wants a slice of the action, whip up some bows and add them to existing styles, develop new bow accessories and ensure you write some style guides to house on your website and boost that all-important SEO with bow-related keywords.

And that’s a wrap on the top 10 fashion trends of 2024! We hope this post has inspired some exciting new ideas for your fashion ecommerce brand. If you need a helping hand achieving a conversion-driven, sophisticated and fashion-forward ecommerce website to take your fashion business to the next level, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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