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Calling all fashionistas!

The fashion industry is expected to contribute a whopping £67 billion to the UK economy by 2026. With online sales accounting for over 26% of total retail, it’s clear that ecommerce for fashion is soaring. With this in mind, it’s time to take a look at what the leading online retailers are doing best!

So, we thought we’d share our favourite, inspirational website designs in the fashion space. We’re sure you’ll learn a thing or two from these sensational sites. Enjoy!


Asos Website Screenshot

Considering that sales and discounts are a key part of the ASOS marketing strategy (targeting the impulsive millennial and Gen-Z generations) it’s no wonder that discounts take centre-stage on their homepage! We are particularly fond of the interactive, image-led mega menu that enables users to sift through thousands of products, quickly and easily.

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2. Moncler

Moncler Website Screenshot

We love the creativity of this site! Moncler utilise artistic videography to present their products in a unique and engaging way which captures the users’ attention as soon as they land on the site. Moncler’s product images are second to none and the interactive website design provides an immersive experience. Even with high-resolution videos and photos, the site remains super fast and seamless – Kudos!

3. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

The use of creative content within this fashion site makes it stand out. From retro collages reminiscent of times gone by (we remember our first embossed label maker) to hero images showcasing outfits in the form of festival tickets, there’s no lack of fun and imagination at Nasty Gal!

4. Gymshark

GymShark Website Screenshot

The bold homepage design for Gymshark’s latest launch highlights a comment from a disapproving fan and plays on this with the slogan ‘Back By Unpopular Demand’. The design is tongue in cheek, right on brand and resonates with their target audience. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the brand that catapulted itself into stardom due to its social media prowess!

5. Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Screenshot

Jean Paul Gaultier’s website is just as avant-garde as its garment designs. Featuring creative videography and beautiful product imagery, users are drawn into the world of Gaultier. Product videos are utilised within category pages to enhance the experience and give a premium feel to the site whilst also providing additional visual information about products.

6. lululemon

We love that the lululemon site embraces individuality and empowers everyone from any walk of life to get active and feel good! The community section within the site features workout videos, infographics, blog posts, playlists and training plans, available to anyone! Building this sense of community and providing an abundance of valuable content will leave users coming back for more.

Lululemon Website Screenshot

Additionally, colour swatches sit beneath products to highlight the various colour-ways the garments are available in, allowing customers to quickly click through to find their fave, without having to click into the product itself. Saving users time and enhancing their experience even further, nice touch!

7. Anthropologie

Anthropologie Website Screenshot

If we were to describe the Anthropologie site in 3 words, we would say; elegant, sophisticated and artistic. We love the abundance of trust signals (such as reviews, payment options and free delivery) that are laced throughout the site in a subtle and stylish way.

Roll-over product images allow the user to view garments on models themselves and zoom in on design details when they hover over the image – Quickly providing visual information to enable the customer to make decisions, faster.

8. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Screenshot

When you land upon the site, you’re met with an editorial video of gymnasts performing dramatic moves in voluminous dresses, catapulting you into the world of McQueen within an instant. Icons are utilised to highlight key messages whilst the remainder of the site is polished, minimal and allows the high quality products to shine.

9. Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger Screenshot

Supporting independent designers is at the heart of Wolf&Badger. The ‘Meet Our Designers’ section on the homepage highlights this, as do the dedicated pages for each designer within the site. Creative imagery, iconography and trust signals are just a few reasons why this site stands out to us. We love that W&F incorporate user-generated content (UGC) on their homepage, instantly building social-proof and trust with site visitors.

10. Dior

Dior Website Screenshot

Talk about utilising colour to make your website stand out amongst the crowd! We love the bold design of the Dior website which perfectly balances the chaos and the calm. The minimalist menu allows creative imagery to sing whilst also allowing simple navigation for the user. Call to actions are clear whilst personalised features (such as wish lists and a members area) enable users to feel at home on the site and build loyalty.

11. & Other Stories

The & Other Stories website oozes colour, positivity and youthfulness. We particularly love the section of the site dedicated to celebrating Pride during the summer months. Designed in an editorial magazine-style layout, the page features videos and images of artists to tell stories and provide inspiration. Is there a better way to build a community around your brand? We think not!

& Other Stories Website Screenshot

Another element we love is the ‘You & Other Stories’ page which is dedicated to showcasing the real women wearing their designs. This is UGC building trust and loyalty in action, people!

12. RSVP

RSVP Website Screenshot

Firstly, we love the design and layout of this site as it’s so original and unique. As users scroll, various illustrations that highlight key brand messages, appear and move around the page. This interactivity of the site keeps visitors engaged whilst a rolling banner at the top of the page continually loops key messages and displays trust signals.

13. Reebok

Reebook Website Screenshot

Playful and colourful marks and illustrations target a younger audience and are used to position the Reebok brand within the market. Whilst regular competitions and offers are highlighted in the page banner and act as lead magnets for new subscribers. We particularly love the mega-menu which allows users to shop by sustainable materials. These little details make this sportswear website stand out.

14. Jacquemus

Jacquemus Website Screenshot

A clean, crisp and elegant website full to the brim of chic vibes. We love the simplicity of this website design that truly allows the garment designs to speak for themselves. As users scroll, a stylised video of a recent catwalk show is presented, bringing the garments to life and adding depth to the site. The menu is simple and minimalistic whilst product photography is high-quality and sophisticated. We love it!

15. Adidas

Adidas Website Screenshot

The Adidas website is as innovative as the high-performance shoes they design. The throwback design celebrating 50 years of Stan Smith with the aptly named ‘Stanniversary’ demonstrates their responsive, relevant and creative design ideas. Features such as product slideshows, animated images and photographs featuring sporting professionals position the brand as credible, trustworthy and for lack of a better descriptive word, just plain cool!

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