Our Top 10 Shopify Themes For Fashion Brands

Jessica Slack

In the world of fashion ecommerce, first impressions count!

We’ve collated our favourite Shopify themes for fashion and clothing brands so you can rest assured that your website is dressed to impress (pardon the pun). Whether you’re running a high-end fashion label, sneaker resale platform, sustainable clothing or something completely out there, we’ve gathered the best Shopify website themes that will set your brand apart, ensure a positive user experience and drive growth for your fashion business. Without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

1. Studio

Studio is light, elegant and minimal Shopify theme that works extremely well for modern fashion brands who want their products and photography to take centre-stage on their ecommerce site. The themes itself offers a pared back aesthetic that allows product imagery to shine and accent colours can be used throughout to help convey your brand story.

Best for:

  • Fashion and clothing brands with a Scandi, minimalist and contemporary brand image
  • Displaying magazine-style editorial content and high-quality photography
  • Brands who want to utilise visual brand storytelling
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2. Prestige

Prestige offers a luxurious, high-end Shopify theme that oozes sophistication and style. Specifically designed for high-end, luxury fashion labels, the Prestige theme offers highly-customisable solutions that you can utilise to drive growth for your brand.

Best for:

  • Fashion and clothing brands who sell both online and in-store
  • Luxurious, high-end fashion brands who have lots of on-page content and want to convey their brand story
  • Brands who want to offer unique features and keep users engaged online

3. Spotlight

Spotlight offers a clean and minimal website design that allows you to upload and publish new products within a matter of minutes. Flexible design and customisation features allow you to craft a unique appearance whilst maintaining a very simply and sleek design that offers a streamlined buying journey for site visitors.

Best for: 

  • Fashion brands who offer new products on a regular basis and want to get them online fast
  • Brands with a clean and minimal aesthetic
  • Small, independent fashion businesses who have recently started selling online

4. Symmetry

Symmetry is a versatile, stylish and professional Shopify theme that offers conversion-focused and highly-customisable features. Visual storytelling tools and easy-to-use drag and drop sections ensure this theme is efficient and easy to manage.

Best for: 

  • Social media fashion brands who launch ‘drops’ and as a result, have large volumes of traffic at a given time
  • Omnichannel fashion brands who also sell in physical stores
  • Brands who want to tell their story through large, high-quality imagery

5. Broadcast

Broadcast is a feature-rich Shopify theme designed specifically to encourage conversions. As a mobile-friendly and responsive theme, Broadcast is fantastic for fashion brands who promote their products on social media whilst pre-built content pages (such as About, FAQs and Our Story) make updating your website a breeze.

Best for: 

  • Fashion and clothing brands who are largely driven by social media
  • Brands who want to keep their content fresh
  • Fashion brands who prioritise marketing

6. Colorblock

Colorblock is a striking Shopify theme built for high-end fashion labels. By utilising atypical typography, customisable colour blocks and accent colours, fashion brands can create a unique look-book style ecommerce site that truly reflects their brand identity and provides an unrivalled online presence.

Best for: 

  • High-end, luxury fashion labels who want to stand out online
  • Fashion brands with large and complex catalogs
  • Brands who want to tell their brand stories with long-form copy

7. Influence

Influence is a Shopify theme designed to support creative visual storytelling and provide fashion brands with an instant premium feel to their website. Advanced product discovery tools provide superior UX as site visitors encounter visual navigation, layered product filtering and predictive search to enhance their search for the perfect outfit.

Best for: 

  • Creative storytelling with bold typography options, video and extensive image layouts to visually craft your brand story
  • Editorial-style content that feels premium and luxury
  • Quick set-up for brands who want to start selling online, fast

8. Retina

Retina is a sophisticated, elegant and refined Shopify theme for brands who want showcase their products in a unique way. Features such as testimonials sections, product highlights, countdown timers and animations all contribute to creating a superior user journey that encourages conversions whilst retaining a beautiful and sophisticated looking website.

Best for: 

  • Fashion brands who want to encourage conversions whilst maintaining a high-end feel
  • Brands who sell high volumes within limited time-frames (e.g. brands who drop new products on social media)
  • Creative storytelling and long-form content

9. Lorenza

Lorenza is a boutique-inspired Shopify theme that oozes luxury and elegance. Perfect for independent, boutique retailers, this theme allows a high level of control for brands to tailor every web page to their exact needs. Features such as a store locator, quick view, colour swatches and a stock counter make it the perfect theme for providing a consistent customer experience from in-store to online.

Best for: 

  • Visual storytelling with a range of advanced features such as mosaic image grids and split slideshows
  • Brands who sell in-store and online thanks to in-store pickup options at cart
  • Fashion brands who want additional support with their site

10. Portland

Portland is a minimal and elegant Shopify theme that offers a range of unique features for fashion brands who want to make their mark in the online world. Features such as dark mode and version 2.0 allow for exceptional functionality and advanced features that will keep customers coming back, time and time again.

Best for: 

  • Brands who want to utilise advanced features and robust functionality
  • Physical stores who are transitioning to selling products online
  • Fashion brands who sell large volumes of stock in short time periods

And there we have it! The top 10 Shopify fashion brands to watch out for in 2024! If you’re looking to upgrade your existing fashion ecommerce site or are in need of a brand new one altogether, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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