10 Outstanding Magento 2 Websites (2024)

Niko Moustoukas

Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms around!

Powering thousands of ecommerce websites across the globe, Magento 2 offers exceptional functionality and is bursting with advanced features to take online brands to the next level. We’ve gathered our top 10 Magento ecommerce sites from a range of different industries to show you exactly what can be achieved on the platform and inspire your own ecommerce website. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

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1. Barbour

As a quintessentially British fashion brand, it’s unsurprising that Barbour’s ecommerce site embraces its brand identity by utilising brand colours. The site encourages conversions thanks to a range of Magento features including an image-led mega-menu, streamlined product cards featuring colour tooltips and an extensive content hub which combine to create an exceptional and memorable shopping experience for devout Barbour customers.

2. Land Rover

Land Rover is a stand-out automotive website that offers an interactive shopping experience for customers looking for cars as well as brand merchandise. Responsive web design, impressive product videos and a ‘build-your-own’ feature ensure that the site leaves a lasting impression on users, whether they’re interested in purchasing a new car or simply ordering some Land Rover lego sets!

3. Omega Watches

A timeless website design for a timeless brand. The Omega Watches website ooze sophistication and elegance by utilising negative space to allow their watch designs and intricate mechanisms to truly shine. An image-led mega-menu allows users to seamlessly shop by watch style and high-quality product videos position the brand as luxury. A unique gift finder tool allows users to input colour and style preferences in addition to their budget, personalising the shopping experience and building customer trust.

4. Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is a luxury fashion brand renowned for the iconic scarlet red soles of their shoe line. Utilising this well known brand colour across their website is a fantastic strategy to ensure omnipresence throughout their in-store and online shops and strengthen their online brand identity whilst seamless navigation, responsive web design and a clean website layout make the shopping experience even more memorable.

5. Helly Hansen

Renowned for tough and durable activewear used on the oceans, mountains and slopes, Helly Hansen is an adventurous clothing brand that takes experiences seriously. The personality and identity of Helly Hansen shines through the website in spades thanks to the use of daring red colours and adventurous photography that makes users instantly want to hit the ski slopes. Smart search ensures users can quickly find the product they’re looking for and an extensive mega-menu streamlines navigation even further.

6. Liverpool FC

The Liverpool Football Club (LFC) online store is a great example of a Magento website that captures the club’s iconic brand identity and truly resonates with the target audience. LFC’s brand colour is the leading design feature, instantly making a strong impact on users and promotional banners ensure the site stays up to date and relevant with the latest news and tournament wins celebrated on the homepage. A personalised products section allows users to create custom merchandise and offers fantastic gift solutions. Overall, the site is streamlined, speedy, resonates with users and drives conversions, what more could you want?

7. Fred Perry

Founded back in 1952, Fred Perry has devout customers who have been shopping with the brand for years and years. The website is finely tuned to target Fred Perry’s audience and offers a unique insight into the beginnings of the brand with Fred Perry’s history celebrated throughout the site. Seamless to navigation, evocative imagery and a rich content hub all work together to create a digital presence that matches the brand’s ethos and brick-and-mortar stores.

8. Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is a leading luxury British designer specialising in all things homeware and lighting. This Magento website highlights just how unique and versatile the platform can be whilst retaining conversion-driven design and advanced features that encourage sales. A streamlined menu, smart search feature and advanced filtering options offer a seamless buying journey whilst high-quality photography and inspirational lifestyle shots make the overall experience extremely enjoyable for interior enthusiasts.

9. Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox is a leading online homeware, interior decor and garden retailer offering an extensive product catalogue of stylish products and designs. Despite a huge product inventory, this Magento website is streamlined beyond belief to ensure that users can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for and checkout, with no complications. High-quality photography, advanced filtering options and a pricing budget slider bar ensure that users are met with an enjoyable and seamless online shopping experience.

10. Topps Tiles

Topps Tiles are a leading UK heritage brand who specialise in all things tiles! Whether you’re looking for bathroom, kitchen or outdoor tiles, Topps Tiles have a plethora of products to suit each and every taste preference. Their Magento website is streamlined, easy to navigate, lightning-fast and offers a rang eof advanced features. Once of the most interesting is their home visualiser tool that allows site visitors to upload a photo of their space and experiment with how their room would look with a range of different tiling options. Overall, the site offers superior UX and a truly memorable online shopping experience for Topps Tiles customers. Take a look at a similar website we designed for Tile Merchant for even more Magento inspiration!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing Magento ecommerce website or start a new online store from scratch, our web design expertise, SEO prowess and ecommerce excellence ensures we’re perfectly positioned to drive tangible growth for your brand. Eager to get started? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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