Utilising Social Media Algorithms

13 June 2019| Post by Adam4 minutes


No one outside the web sector knows exactly what they are or what they do, but algorithms are an integral part of your business’s social media presence.

You may have seen the term floating around or you may have noticed that older posts on your feed are being put before newer ones. This is thanks to fluxing algorithms automatically organising, prioritising and categorising your timeline in order to influence what you see.

A topic surrounded by confusion, controversy and misunderstanding, we’re here to tell you that it’s not all bad and can actually be extremely helpful and beneficial. In order to reap the perks of this cheeky little behind the scenes feature, you need to be aware of what it is and how to utilise it for your business. You’re welcome 🙌

Algorithm – What is it?

Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn timelines are bottomless streams of content and images. We scroll aimlessly, stopping our thumb every now and again when something catches our eye. It may not even cross our minds that these posts have been strategically ordered by the applied algorithm in order to achieve maximum engagement and compliance with the user.

Don’t feel too violated. They’re only there to increase your experience by showing you the best content; using posts and images that they think you’d love to see due to their popularity, your previous activity and even your search history.

Don’t let this scare you, overall it’s a great way for businesses to advertise on the most accessible and popular platform out there – the trick lies in innocently manipulating the algorithm in order to make sure that your posts remain at the forefront of everyone’s timelines.

Using Algorithms to your advantage

Algorithms are constantly in a state of flux; adhering to the popularity and relevancy of posts in order to secure the consumer’s engagement. Many of those who use or even rely on social media to promote their business, sometimes complain that algorithms are to blame for missed or unseen content which results in a lack of response. With this said, your business can take on board certain actions to help ensure your posts comply with the algorithm and come out on top.

In regards to the ways of the Algorithm, popularity and relevancy is key. Sculpting and perfecting your social media posts has never been so important in order to reach your audience and achieve the potential opportunities brought about by social media. Just a few things to think about:

  • Timing – Uploading posts at the start of the work-day isn’t going to reach anyone is it? Most people are using their little energy to purchase their morning coffee. Scheduling posts for optimum times such as midday and around lunchtime would reach a much larger audience. This is due to an increase in online traffic as most people are scrolling through their socials as they munch on their sandwich.
  • Relevancy – This not only refers to uploading posts that are relevant and trendy but tagging appropriate people or hashtags which put your post on the road to popularity and therefore, the top of the timeline.
  • Stats – Take advantage of your own stats! Have a look at what your most popular and most talked about posts are. This way you can figure out what works for your business and create an effective foundation for future posts.
  • Bought Adverts – If algorithms are getting you down, an easy way to work with the system is paying for adverts and promotions. Prices can range but for a certain fee, your post or advertisement can climb the timelines, ensuring a premium spot for exposure, popularity and engagement. It’s good for a quick boost but could also pave the way for posts in the future.

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