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6 March 2020| Post by Adam2 minutes


Last month was topped off with a lovely sprinkling of new clients – one of those being The Happy Manager!

We’ve had a fair few newbies step through the doors of the Limely office as of late, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting when a client does decide to jump on board! So, with this said, we thought we’d dedicate a blog to introducing one of our latest clients, The Happy Manager!

But First, Who is The Happy Manager?

The Happy Manager is an online space in which offers expert help and guidance for managers who are looking to better their leadership skills in order to drive and manage their team effectively. Their service helps to ensure that team leaders are getting the most out of their workforce, by providing them with guides, ideas and tools that can be used to actively increase work ethic and an overall happy workforce.

The help found at The Happy Manager stems from Phil Higson and Anthony Sturgess; two expert professionals who have plenty of experience in a managerial role. The knowledge they possess guarantees that all of their services are detailed, useful and beneficial to your role and workforce. The Happy Manager is owned and run by Apex Leadership, an agency also set up by Higson and Sturgess which provides support through guides and workshops to individuals that want to better their leadership, as well as other skills that benefit them in a professional environment.

What will Limely be doing?

Limely will be executing a complete redesign of Happy Manager’s site, putting user experience and professional flare at the forefront of our minds. Through web development and great attention to detail, we’ll be making sure that the site is easy to navigate and that all of Happy Manager’s content is easy to locate.  We’ll be turning to our skilled design team to whip up some new, bespoke designs to ensure it’s looking fresh.

By taking in their personal company style, we’ll make sure that their site truly represents the quality of their services and does well to entice new users and sustain regulars ones. Their newly designed site will do nothing but benefit their organisation, allowing opportunities for further growth.

We can’t wait to get started!


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