The Digital Garage: Get Certified By Google

12 March 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


Whether you’re a business owner, employee or simply want to kick start your career in digital, Google are offering FREE online digital marketing courses.

The Digital Garage

Google have paired up with the Interactive Advertising Bureau to offer free tutorials, which help you learn the fundamentals of digital marketing including everything from search engines, to social media and more.

How It Works

Identify which elements of the course mean the most to you and create a learning plan that is bespoke to you. From there, watch video tutorials and answer questions on 23 digital marketing topics. In all there are 89 lessons, some of which include;

Build Your Web Presence: Understand the different options to establishing an online presence and create an action plan to get seen and heard.
Connect Through Email: Learn to grow your customer base and maintain existing relationships via email marketing.
Get Started With Analytics: Discover and understand your online data so that you can identify areas for improvement and measure success.
Get Noticed Locally: Ensure local customers are able to find your business online. As local listings become more pertinent in the search engines results pages, this is a lesson not to be missed!
Make Mobile Work For You: Learn how to reach more customers through mobile, from SEO to mobile search, display ads and video.

Make sure your online business becomes a success by earning the Digital Garage Certificate of Online Proficiency.


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