Tactical Solutions Goes Live!

15 July 2019| Post by Niko3 minutes


Phew! 😅 That is the sound of us wiping the sweat off our brows as, after a good couple of months of solid grafting, Tactical Solutions’ new WordPress site has finally gone live.

Early last week, the last few tweaks were made and the final button was pressed to finally show the world Tactical’s brand new site. Under their watchful eye, Limely gave their original site a complete makeover – producing the sleek and modern new look that you now see today! We’ve had great fun working with Tactical over the last few months, as well as getting to know their unique business.

Tactical Solutions are a field marketing agency who assist brands and retailers in efficiently deploying in-store promotions and product marketing. By keeping a close eye on store/product performance and productivity, as well as having an in-store presence, they keep things ship-shape; helping increase and maintain customer compliance.

They’ve worked with some amazing brands, and are only getting better with age. With this said, they needed a new site to rightly represent their growth and expertise. Enter Limely! 😎

Using WordPress

As a business with a crucial role in marketing, and one that appeals to big brands, Tactical not only needed a site which looked the part but one that was easy to use, easy to navigate and did well to showcase their services and friendly faces. As an ever-evolving company, using WordPress as a foundation enabled easy updates. This means whenever they gain a new client or update services and software, the site can be altered with ease. Now, their platform can always be up to date and on the ball – crucial features for when you provide services to such big names in the business.

Not only did we better user experience, but we applied a swish new design which includes snazzy new graphics, a crisp and clean house style and a great new video banner which adds a certain charm to the home page.

No stone has been left unturned with the new site – all their original content has been edited, updated and transferred over ensuring clear and concise content which is also a treat to look at.

We are so chuffed with how the site turned out, and working side by side with Tactical has really come up trumps. Collectively, we have managed to produce an amazing site which showcases the services and talents of the great teams at Tactical. We’re excited to continue our work with them and can’t wait to see what the future holds. 👯‍♂️

Click below to have a look at the finished site!

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