The Most Talked About Super Bowl Adverts: 2017

7 February 2017| Post by Graham1 minutes


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’d know that Sunday night saw the New England Patriots fight back from a 25-point deficit to overcome the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. But who cares? You came here for the adverts.

Just like the John Lewis Christmas Advert, consumers anticipate Super Bowl adverts much more so than the event itself. American football (in case you were wondering).

Who would have thought it? Nowadays we’re able to fast-forward through the pesky adverts (if you’re posh and have Sky). Or nip and make a cuppa whilst you’re waiting for Corrie to come back on. We are serious – this really is a blog post about adverts.

Not just any adverts. $4million-for-30-seconds kind of adverts. With an audience of over 100 million, Super Bowl adverts can cost you a pretty penny.

We’ve compiled a mixture of adverts that have set tongues wagging. Enjoy…

T-Mobile #UnlimitedMoves

Audi #DriveProgress

Stranger Things Season 2


Expedia – Train

Mr Clean

Nintendo Switch

Skittles – Romance

Google Home

84 Lumber – The Journey Begins

Check out the complete list here.


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