Snapchat’s Spectacles are the latest low-cost wearable

27 September 2016| Post by Graham2 minutes


You heard it right, Snapchat is releasing their own pair of glasses.

The newly named company ‘Snap Inc.’, have recently introduced their new glasses to be dubbed “Spectacles”. The glasses are a Snapchat-connected wearable accessory scheduled to land in stores later this year.

The best part of this announcement though is by far, the price.

Although we don’t know the exact street date for release, it has been confirmed these glasses will be available for $129.99. One of the cheapest initial launches for a wearable piece of tech yet!

Consider in comparison the flop that was Google Glass. Back 2013, the search giant was marketing their Glass range for in excess of $1,500. Although it may have “Sold Out”, it certainly wasn’t met with rave reviews for the price.


The new Spectacles product is basically more of a wireless remote and visual aid for taking photos and posting them to your social media accounts. But with wireless charging along with Wi-FI and Bluetooth connectivity, it definitely has a few worthy tricks up its sleeve.

The price could really dictate a ‘make-or-break’ success for this new branch of Snap Inc. They’ve clearly marketed this well to their teenage fanbase, for if they were to bump up the cost to a more boutique price tag no doubt many of their potential customers would be put off.


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