Prepping your Ecommerce Site for Valentine’s Day

10 February 2020| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

L-O-V-E  love: it’s in the air! And next week, you won’t be able to escape it

That’s right folks, this Friday is Valentine’s Day and whether you love it or you hate it, you won’t be able to hide from all the pink hearts and flying babies plastered across not only the high street but on our favourite ecommerce sites.

If you are an ecommerce site that will be met with an influx of loved up people with a gift list, you’ll need to make sure that your site and your company is feeling the romance in order to ensure you’re attracting avid ‘Valentiners’ and preparing the perfect setting for a hot date between potential customers and your checkout.

But what can be done?

Here at Limely, we know that a good looking website is crucial for drawing in your client base; using flashy designs and interesting imagery to entice users to delve further. Having a homepage full of such has the same effect as a populated shop window in which we’d usually see change with the seasons to ensure sales are reflecting the increasing levels of footfall and customer spending.

And of course, the same goes for online – especially with the amount of money we’re spending on Valentine’s Day growing each year (standing at a whopping £650 million in 2018), romantically paired with the on-going rise in online shopping. This match made in heaven makes the need to adapt your site a matter of urgency. So how can you make sure you’re getting a piece of all the Valentine’s action?

Themed Designs

A holiday dating back thousands of years, Valentine’s Day comes drenched in traditions in which have manifested themselves into the usual symbols we see every February, as well as ready-made marketing that you can sprinkle over your brand.

We’re sure you know what we’re talking about; the abundance of hearts drenched in pinks and reds, cute little cupids, little teddy bears and all the soppy slogans. So as the day comes around, the obvious thing to do would be to transfer all of this loveliness to your site!


How about heart covered banners which place focus on valentine’s themed products, or a little colour change to the traditional pinks and reds. You can also adapt content to go with the theme – using optimised headers, humourous language both of which also nods to the usual romantic traditions.

Landing pages

Here at limely, we love creating specialist landing pages which can be solely dedicated to the retail event. Creating a Valentine’s landing page will drastically help with SEO, boost your rankings, and can create a great space for all your themed designs promotions and specialised products – letting your customers know that they can rely on your brand for all of their Valentine’s needs. Click here to take a look at the Valentine’s Landing page that Limely lovingly created for client Lingerie Outlet Store.

Displayed Seasonal Promotions

Everyone loves a good bargain, and Valentine’s is definitely an excuse for one! Integrating the holiday into your promotions to create exclusive and not to be missed offers draw in your customers who are looking for a convenient gift.

2 for 1

2 for 1 deals is a great Valentine’s promotion to splash across your site as it’s a great deal to engage users and also fits in nicely with the Valentine’s theme. (Think Spice Girls’ 2 become 1)


Speaking of themed marketing, Valentine’s can also be integrated into specialised discount codes which not only show your participation in the event but inform your customers that your site is the place to be for great Valentine’s deals.

Themed Marketing

Optimised Social Media Marketing

You can also use your themed designs and special promotions within your Valentine’s marketing to make sure you are spreading the word of your Valentine’s involvement to a wider audience.

Email Marketing

We’re covering all bases here, as should you be with your Valentine’s marketing. You can ensure further customer outreach by also adapting your email marketing to your Valentine’s Day theme.

As well as filling the email with relevant content which includes your promotions, your humourous puns and specialised designs, don’t be afraid to be spreading love via enticing email subtitles and snippets to ensure increased opening and click-through rates. Limely has recently featured on the blog of renowned email marketers Mail Ninja, where we speak all about how to get your users opening emails thanks to engaging content. Click here to take a look!

As Valentine’s steadily encroaches, have a think about how you can get your ecommerce site ready for the rush. Better yet, give Limely a call and we’ll gladly help!


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