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2 June 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


Amongst all that’s happening in the world at the moment in regards to lockdown, isolation and COVID-19, we’re here to remind you that there’s still a reason to smile!

With that said, we thought we’d bring some sunshine to your timeline in the form of good news from around the world. In such a strange time like this one, it’s very easy to feel down, frustrated and just not yourself, especially when the news and your social media platforms are probably saturated with negativity. Well, just for 5 minutes, let us remind you that outside the sphere of a never-ending lockdown and one negative headline after the other, that things are still occurring in the world that sparks nothing but joy. So, without further ado, here’s your daily dose of good news.

Our environment is flourishing

In order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus and to save lives, people across the country and the world have been told to stay home; putting life as we know it on hold. Although we have had to make sacrifices, they have not only positively impacted the current pandemic but done the environment the WORLD of good.

Since lockdown commenced, scientists have seen water clearing, the air being less polluted, carbon emissions decreased and even endangered animals rising in population. These temporary measures that have been enforced upon us are actually doing wonders for our earth, especially when our treatment of the planet has come under fire. This means when we can finally return to business as usual, we’ll be greeted by a much healthier environment.

Newest innovations in hugging

Image Courtesy of CNN

In times like this, it is very easy to feel lonely, and due to the lockdown’s restrictions, many of us have not been able to see or give our loved ones big ol’ hug for quite some time. Families across the world have been tackling this lack of interaction with the invention of the ‘hug shield‘. Videos of grandparents hugging their grandchildren and other family members have been warming the hearts of millions as people stay safe whilst being temporarily being reunited with their loved ones.

Lockdown makes for unlikely friends

With many of us finding ourselves indoors for most of our time, we’ve definitely learnt to appreciate the simpler thing in life, like just chilling and watching TV. For Jos Baart in Belgium, his TV time was interrupted when he found a family of owls making a home on his apartment balcony. The owls that he was now sharing his view with happen to be the largest breeds in Europe, and at first, seemed to be quite wary of their new landlord. But after a while, the owl chicks seem to spend most of their time watching¬† Baart’s TV. An unlikely friendship, but definitely one to make you smile.

Bringing music to the streets

Image courtesy of ITV

To bring a smile to all the homes isolating in suburbs across the world, people have been taking to the streets to give exclusive socially distanced performances to showcase their talents and entertain the otherwise bored households. This has included a range of performances, from an Elvis impersonator in Glasgow, a young Freddie Mercury tribute in Connah’s Quay and a long list of others that have been bringing streets together whilst keeping at a safe distance.

And that’s not all! Times are hard at the moment but remember that it’s not all bad. Make sure to take a break for the headlines once and a while to fill you head with some positivity – we’ll be out of it soon!¬†

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