Our Monthly Round-Up: July

1 August 2019| Post by Szymon4 minutes


Oh July, you’ve been a busy one!

We thought June went by quick; now we’re in August! Before we blink again and it’s Christmas eve, let us tell you what July consisted of.

12th July – Tactical Goes Live

After months of solid grafting, Tactical Solutions’ redesigned site went live! This revamp has been a couple of months in the making, but it’s all been worth it! Tactical wanted an updated site; one that reflected their forever growing business, efficient services and friendly team.

Being a field marketing agency, they appeal to some big names in the business, so they obviously had to look their best! Equipt with a shiny new look, bespoke graphics and up to date content, Tactical Solutions now have a site which rightly represents them – and we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve produced! Take a look for yourself 👀

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Chester Races

The 12th also saw a very special, extended Friday Beers for the Limely team as they tried their luck at the Chester Races! Suited and booted, we arrived at the Racecourse to sample one of Chester’s most anticipated and popular events. After that, the team hit the town for a cheeky tipple (or four). 🍻 Overall it was a fantastic day!

17th July – Sewing Machines Goes Live

The 17th saw yet another site go live! This was also a long time coming, but like Tactical, it was certainly worth the wait. A Wrexham based company, Sewing Machines were in need of a great ecommerce site in which they could operate their unique services – and of course, it had to look good too.

With such a distinct service, there was a lot of work required to ensure that we not only produced an efficient site that provided a great online shop but one that was easy to use and navigate. Building the site with Magento as the foundation, Sewing Machines have ended up with a fab new site in which their business can thrive. Come and take a look at all our hard work!

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Hart & Co Discovery Session

We were obviously very busy on the 17th, as this was also the day we held new client Hart & Co’s Discovery Session. As per our last Monthly Round-Up, Hart & Co boarded the Limely train with one intent only, and that was to end up with a fabulous new website.

We sat down and had a chat in order to get a feel for what Hart & Co were looking for, just so we knew what route to go down in order to achieve a great site.

This is merely the first step when producing a site, but it’s a very important one as it gives Limely the chance to slip into their client’s shoes (not literally of course 👡), so the work we do is always with the company’s best interest in mind. From our experience, this is the best way to design and produce a top-notch site that truly represents the client.

25th July – JPL Discovery Session

And with that said, the 25th saw new client JPL’s Discovery Session! This was just to lay the groundwork for this upcoming project – making sure we were armed with everything we need to get started on JPL’s brand new site!

30th July – A Birthday!

We ended July in the best way – with a birthday! On the penultimate day of July, we wished Developer Robbie a very Happy Birthday! To the delights to everyone else in the office, we sat down to our traditional fish supper and wished this jolly good fellow all the best. 🥳

We’re absolutely zooming through 2019! See at the end of August 👋😁



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