National Writing Day: What’s Our Content Writer Doing Today?

27 June 2018| Post by Niko3 minutes


It’s National Writing Day! What better way to celebrate than following our content writer around for a day?

This national day (created by creative charity First Story) aims to encourage people all over the country to get writing. And there’s no-one here at Limely who knows about words better than our in-house content writer!  So, for this special occasion, we thought we’d catch up with her and see what she’s up to today.

Every day should be National Writing Day…

It may be National Writing Day for the UK but for Emma, it’s just another Wednesday. And although she spends a lot of time writing for the same clients, no two days are ever the same. That’s the beauty of words – no-one wants to read the same thing over and over again! Let’s take a look at the work she’s doing today.

Keeping hydrated and fed is important for creativity!

As soon as Emma’s in the office, she’s getting a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea to power through the morning ahead.  ☕ The first part of the day is usually spent catching up with clients, checking social media and preparing the day’s work. As we said, every day is different, so it’s important for our writer to be organised about what she’s doing when she sits at her desk each day.

Starting off with some editing and proofreading

To get the cogs turning, Emma started off with some editing and proofreading this morning. Sometimes, clients will send over a blog post they’ve already written, but they just need some help getting it up to a good standard. Emma will copy the content into the client’s WordPress back-end and proofread it so it reads well, then formats it to look great, too. This service also includes adding appropriate images and SEO data! It’s like a spring cleaning of pre-written content…

Moving onto fresh blog content

Once all the smaller jobs are out of the way, Emma’s moving onto original blog posts. Her process varies from client to client, but it generally involves coming up with some ideas then turning them into fully-fledged, website-worthy blog posts. Some clients like to send over their own ideas whilst others leave it entirely up to our writer. Either way, Emma spends between an hour and two hours researching, finding images and typing up the finished thing. Today, she’s covering a few random topics: building and construction, electric cars and wedding stationery! This is pretty standard for our writer – blog post subjects are always varied.

Meetings with clients and making plans

Every so often, Emma will have to catch up with clients in person or over the phone. This is usually just to check on progress and update the company’s content strategy. From social media management to ad-hoc web pages, there’s nothing off-limits here. Emma will head into the meeting room with her cup of tea and make some notes on what the next few months will entail.

An afternoon of website content

Once all the day’s scheduled blog posts have been completed, our writer will move onto more bulky projects. This afternoon, she’s working on a massive website content population for a client. Projects like this include going through a sitemap and strategically writing content to fill in a new or updated website. Of course, she’ll get help from the designers with things like sourcing images and creating page layouts.

Need some writing help with your business?

Whether you’re after a complete site population or a regular schedule of fresh blog posts, our content writer is on hand to help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can work together to create some seriously good content!


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