My time at Limely – Stephen Mappouridis

26 January 2017| Post by Graham3 minutes


Recently, a local friendly g(r)eek called Stephen with a keen interest in Web Development joined us for a two-week internship!

Here’s his account of how it went down – it seems like he had fun!

I had practised coding and completed various online courses, but I wanted the full experience to know what it takes to be a developer first hand.

After a few emails and phone calls, I got my foot in the door at a leading local web development agency in Chester called Limely. We arranged two weeks of work experience starting on the 11th of January and I was ecstatic!

Limely weren’t really looking for an apprentice to come in, but I think my genuine enthusiasm and passion to learn genuinely excited them!

Throughout my previous coding experience, I would draw my website design with pen and paper, before hard coding to my text editor. A little too old school for Limely, but something I was willing to change.

A significant part of Limely, other than the people here, is that when a problem occurs or when your code isn’t working properly yet, we take a break!

Before I came in, one of the team’s designers had produced an excellent website using Photoshop, and after a day of meeting the team, learning a bit about the project presented to me, the very next day I left my pen and paper at home and got stuck into slicing up the elements in Photoshop!

The project I was working on had me utilise skills such as HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and even some skills I had not felt confident with yet, such as JQuery and JavaScript – it didn’t take me long to get my website looking good with the daily help of the team!

A significant part of Limely, other than the people here, is that when a problem occurs, or when your code isn’t working properly yet, we take a break. The team often head over to the table tennis, darts board or pool table! This break gave us all a chance to take a breath and come back to the problem with a relaxed mindset. On top of playing games, when a problem gets tough they also fed me lunch every day!

I was also lucky enough to join the team the same week they were doing their monthly team building exercise.

This month we headed to Escapism Chester. We split into two groups, and of course, my team escaped both rooms while the other team were not as lucky!

If there are any young developers out there, I would highly recommend them to take that leap, reach out and get yourself into a company as soon as possible – even if it’s just for a day, you are guaranteed to learn so much!

The lessons I have learnt will be with me on my journey to becoming a developer and I thank you to all at Limely for the experience!


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