Microsoft just broke the internet with their new device – Surface Studio

26 October 2016| Post by Graham2 minutes


It’s not often we write about Microsoft here at Limely. I’m sure most creative-types would agree, the iMac & Mac Pro rule every keystroke and hand-gesture in the average creative office. But this is special.

Today – Microsoft just launched one heck of a beautiful piece of hardware, their new Surface Studio.


This is Microsoft’s first ever unibody desktop PC, marketed to be in direct competition with the infamous iMac. But what’s different about this guy is that it does a lot more than just stand up proudly on the desk…


We’re talking a Nvidia 980 GPU (graphics card), 32GB of RAM, 2TB of hybrid (SSD/SATA) storage, multiple USB 3.0 ports, mini DisplayPorts, SD ports, Ethernet port and a well received 2.1 virtual surround sound audio package.


Microsoft has also thrown in their Bose-style, ‘Surface Dial’ – a wireless input knob for radial two-handed interactions. You can even place the dial on the screen and Surface Studio will offer you additional in-app interaction suggestions, a great example of UX design!

The computer has the facility to sit vertically ala your iMac but also can be laid almost flat (20-degree angle) for users who like to ‘paint’ whilst standing up, or for those who like to present their ideas in close proximity among a group of people stood around a machine.

It also boasts the thinnest 28-inch 5K LCD Monitor display ever made! Forged in an aluminium chassis, with a heavy focus on colour calibration accuracy.


The Surface Studio is available for pre-order today for $3,000 (roughly £2,400) and we expect these to fly out the door for the holiday period this year!


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