Lockdown Marketing: Why Self-Care is a Popular Ecommerce Category

19 May 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


Since lockdown, we’ve seen a number of ecommerce categories come into the limelight

One category that has to seem to be a point of focus for many ecommerce sites is Self Care and Wellness. Self-care is a relatively new concept that now seems to be taking over, especially amongst the current pandemic where no one has escaped the effects of lockdown and quarantine. But why has it become the main focus of many ecommerce sites out there, and how are they turning this trend into increased sales?

What do we mean by Self Care?

As society becomes more in tune with mental wellbeing and looking after our minds as well as our bodies, the more ecommerce sites have felt the pressure of users ordering certain products to do so. Due to the subjectivity of what makes each and every one of us feel calm and happy, there are so many products that can be applied to the category of self-care.

This may explain why we have seen so many industries and individual businesses finding out how it can apply to them and their products, and focusing a lot of their on-site marketing to self-care and wellness; making the customer aware that they don’t have to look any further to find those sought after self-care essentials.

But what can self-care involve?

It can be anything from working out and exercising, to healthy foods, home comforts, clothing, beauty products – you name it, you’re able to market it under self-care and wellness.

Why is it a great category for ecommerce right now?

As previously mentioned, the lockdown and the current pandemic has affected all sectors of business, including ecommerce. We’ve seen many businesses and their ecommerce sites adapting to the new normal by changing their products of focus and how they are marketed.

Many have had to make sure what they are marketing not only appeals to their customers in their unique situation but encourages their users to abide by the current public health guidelines. Marketing self-care and wellness is a great way of guaranteeing the continued marketing of products all whilst encouraging behaviour that keeps people safe. This is due to the home being the main setting to self-care and wellness, even without the restrictions of lockdown.

With many sources stressing the importance of self-care and wellness, especially in times like these where many of us are struggling with the effects of the lockdown, people are interested in seeing what they can purchase to keep themselves feeling good.

The self-indulgence that surrounds self-care means its a category that will never cease to sell, and with the added advice of staying at home still at play, it’s an area that all forms of ecommerce want to get a piece of.

How are ecommerce sites using it to their advantage?

Many ecommerce businesses have played on the useful connection between self-care and staying indoors. With this, they’re able to market many of their products as the vital lockdown essential. We’ve seen a lot of this displayed on home pages, expressed throughout the content on blogs and specialised articles, and even email marketing.¬† This helps companies utilise this popular category, and entice customers to their website for those ‘stay at home’, self-care essentials – helping sustain sales and keep business coming, despite trouble being faced by many sectors due to Covid-19.

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