Limely Turns Six!

2 November 2021| Post by Adam5 minutes


Forrrr heee’s a jolly good – web agency!

That’s right, it’s our birthday. Limely has successfully made six whole trips around the sun; in which time, we’ve produced some killer work, shook hands with some excellent clients and expanded our Limely team.


These past few years have been hectic to say the least. Limely dealt with lockdowns and working from home but came out the other side much stronger than before. For six years now, we’ve been designing and developing some intricate, efficient and overall incredible websites; from e-commerce to brochure, from Magento 2 to the newly welcomed Aero Commerce – Limely’s sixth year really has been a wild ride.

Limely consists of a forward thinking team of creatives who love what we do – and we’re bloody good at it, too.

It’s been a pleasure watching Limely grow and evolve over the years. We’ve pushed boundaries and, especially during the pandemic, have surprised ourselves with what great work we can achieve out of sheer dedication and skill. During the pandemic and despite working from home, we’ve spent quality time with our projects, our various client websites and have enjoyed every second of it.

Adam Forshaw, Director

But enough of the sappy stuff, let’s show you what a successful year it’s been.

A sneak peek at some work we completed this year

What Happened During Limely’s 6th Year

This year, we’ve welcomed a whole bunch of new clients and produced some stellar work for them. Clients such as Dreams, isGroup, Bionet, Towbar Express, More Handles, Westminster Stone, beatIt and many, many more, have made use of Limely’s skills and expertise. Each project has been a breath of fresh air; totally individual and super fun to start-up. In total, this year we’ve churned out a solid 18,528 hours of dedicated, top-notch work. And we can’t thank our clients enough.

We can’t express how much we enjoy what we do and how rewarding it is to build sites that not only personify a business, but aid in it’s growth, too. It’s thanks to you that we can continue doing what we genuinely love. You never have to work a day in your life if you enjoy your job, after all! Also a big shout out to the Limely team and a huge thank you for all of your dedicated and talented work.

We’re back at the office (kinda)

Like everyone else post-pandemic, we’ve had to make some adjustments. And the biggest adjustment is our new hybrid way of working. We spend two days a week in the office and the remaining three days working from home. This is both the safest and best way for all of us right now, as covid isn’t totally gone.

We returned back to the office on August 20th, and it was such a relief to get a sense of normality back. Friday beers, birthday chippies and brew darts returned. Zoom is all well and good, but office bants is so much better – naturally – in the office. We’re not quite at normal yet, but baby steps, people. Baby steps.

We formed a partnership with Aero Commerce

Limely and Aero Commerce? Name a better duo, we’ll wait.

This was a monumental year for Limely, as we collabed with the likeminded, specialist e-commerce platform, Aero Commerce. Aero Commerce provide ‘feature-rich, lighting-fast, fully extendable and scalable’ software. Since December last year, Limely have been working with Aero Commerce’s platform and showing our clients what exactly their online store can achieve. This collab puts Limely with other top agencies within Aero Commerce directory, and in turn, Aero Commerce are one of Limely’s top, chosen tools.

We raised £1,440 for charity

At the beginning of October, Director Ad braved the Manchester Marathon, raising a total of £1,440 for his chosen charity: The Christie. After many months of dedicated training, the big day came and Ad was pumped and ready to go. He ran the marathon in four hours, having a dramatic leg cramp at 17 miles that pushed him off track for his PB. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic achievement that Adam spent weeks recovering from. A solid amount of money was raised for charity and he had the whole Limely team behind him to back him up.

Molly joined the team

This year, we said goodbye to Creative Writer of two years, Charlotte, and said hello to our new writer, Molly. We wish you all the best, Charlotte – but you better come back to the pub to celebrate our birthday! To find out more about Molly, check out her welcome blog post. To summarise, she likes a good ol’ 70s bop, has a creative flair for writing and makes god-awful dad jokes.

Roll on year seven!

It’s been an insane year for Limely and we’ve never been more proud of the agency. We’ve designed and developed many websites for some top-notch clients and had incredible outcomes as a result; be that in the way of traffic, leads or sales.

As a web agency, we are constantly evolving in new ways and learning new things – we are so chuffed with how far we’ve come. We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for us, but more importantly, what we have in store for you!

Need a highly skilled web agency to redesign your online online presence; be that in the way of social media, websites or SEO audits? Look no further. Contact Limely today. We’re always happy to help.


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