Kids Drawings Brought To Life In Photoshop

9 May 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


Kids have wild imaginations, and when their creations are brought to life through Photoshop, the results are nothing less than brilliant.

From the moment a child is old enough to put a crayon to paper, the outcome is anyone’s guess. From questionable wildlife to creative transportation, (to the amusement of adults) children will generally attempt to draw anything the see.

Tom Curtis uses Photoshop to bring his son Dom’s drawings to life – however they look.

We take a look at imagination becoming reality when these creations are brought to life in Photoshop… Hat’s off to you Tom.


Not quite what you’d expect to see roaming around the elephant enclosure at Chester Zoo.


We’re going to go ahead and call this a cat-rabbit hybrid, but that’s up for interpretation.


We’re not sure this would pass NASA safety inspections, but who are we to judge?

Push Bike

Learning to ride a bike has never been so easy!

House Cat

Feeding time for a very questionable looking cat.


I suppose when you’ve seen one lion catch a zebra, you’ve seen a maul.


We’re definitely giving an A for effort on this one, even gave it an uncharacteristic stripe, for added effect.


Who knew Lion’s could look so…friendly.


Imagine pulled a 3-point turn in this bad boy, you’d be there for days!


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