Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for 2021? 2.0

7 January 2021| Post by Gavin5 minutes


So right before we broke up for Christmas, we released a little retail calendar in aid of getting your ecommerce site pumped for 2021.

And as promised, we’re bringing you the second half! (And if you missed the first instalment, be sure to catch up here!)

Although things are looking a little bleak for 2021 already thanks to lockdown number three, it doesn’t mean that the usual retail events aren’t going to come about in a big way, especially for ecommerce. That means that you need to make sure that your ecommerce site and it’s marketing is up to scratch so you can truly take advantage of the increased spending.

Now…where were we?


  • Euro 2020 Final

After being postponed last year, the final is set to take place this July. Any major sporting event can bring about the opportunity to market watching essentials like food and any tv/techy gadgets, and given the current situation, you could even dish out content that informs your users on how to celebrate safely.

  • School’s Out For Summer

As the school holidays commence and summer truly sets in, you can change your online store accordingly along with the season. This can include designs, marketing and general product focus. You could even go as far as crafting content that would advise families on how to have an activity-filled summer, and depending on whether lockdown is still a thing, information on how to stay safe whilst the kiddies are home.


  • Summer Bank Holiday

The same can be said for the Summer bank holiday as you can dedicate your content and marketing to helping your users have a super summer bank holiday!

  • Back 2 School

Although September is the official month for going back to school, it is widely known that parents and carers are aware that preparation is key. Other key areas of focus include everything they will need to get their child/university student ready to return to their studies. From robust uniforms, PE kits, stuff for packed lunches and even tech – there are many product categories that can become the target of your marketing.


  • Back 2 School Continued

This kind of marketing can continue into September, alongside content that can provide checklists, information and advice that will assist buyers in a traditionally stressful period. This will definitely work to your SEO strategy’s and get your business involved in this time of increased spending.

  • The start of Autumn

The change of the season can also call for another change in your marketing. Autumn comes along with many traditional aesthetics in which can be applied to your website through design, themes and specific promotions. It also can spark the opportunity for Autumanal blog and social media content that can get you trending amongst a wide audience.

  • Oktoberfest

Although it famously takes place in Bavaria, Munich and Germany (and potentially not at all if COVID is still knocking about), this beer-filled festival calls for a focus on alcohol as well as different ways in which your customers can celebrate. This can be evoked through various themed promotions, featured products and content.


  • Stoptober

October is known for being the month where the nation pushes for people to quit smoking, Depending on your business, you too can join in with the cause; coming up with helpful and informative content and even putting a focus on certain products that promote a healthier lifestyle.

  • Halloween

A huge worldwide October event, Halloween can bring about plenty of opportunities to benefit from the guaranteed increased online traffic and spending. From food, costumes, movies, props – you can place particular focus on products that fit in with the trending essentials, as well as dress up your website to get into the spooky spirit. Your blog area and social media can join in too; presenting content that helps people have a great Halloween.


  • Black Friday

The shopping events of all shopping events, nearly every business who sells online can effectively take part in Black Friday; creating marketing that informs customers of their involvement, choosing targeted products to put on sale and producing sales and promotions that can’t be missed.

  • Cyber Monday

The same goes for Cyber Monday, especially as its focus is primarily on online selling.


  • Christmas & Boxing Day Sales

Everyone knows that after Black Friday, things are only going to get busier with the biggest shopping event of the year just around the corner. So, when the most wonderful time of the year comes around, it’s best that your ecommerce site not only looks the part, but is placing a focus on what you have on offer to your customers. This can always be boosted with Christmas themed blog content and reminders on your social media platforms.

And we’ve done a full circle! Here at Limely, we hope that your ecommerce business will do everything in its power to take advantage of these key dates and bring the success your business deserves. However, if you’re felling a bit lost on the marketing front and feel like you might miss out, don’t stress! Limely is here for you.

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