How Selfridges are Pushing for Sustainable Online Retail with ‘Selfridges Rental’

20 May 2021| Post by Gavin3 minutes


High-end brand Selfridges has recently taken over headlines due to their recent launch of ‘Selfridges Rental’.

And this is not your average online store, oh no. As instead of buying new clothes, you rent them!

Selfridges Rental allows you to peruse some of their most luxurious brands, choose an item of your liking, decide how long you’d like to rent it for, and then pay a certain amount a week. That way, you get to enjoy a piece of clothing at a fraction of its retail price and do your bit for sustainable online retail and ultimately, the environment!

But how exactly is Selfridges contributing to sustainable fashion with the introduction of this new site?

Don’t worry, Limely has the answer!

What makes this sustainable fashion?

In the 21st century, especially with the added weight of lockdown and the pandemic, shopping is no longer about trudging down the high street like Carrie Bradshaw with 5 shopping bags in tow. It’s all about online shopping!

There’s even social media content dedicated to people showing their latest online hauls from online fashion moguls like ASOS, Missguided, Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing – feeding our addiction of receiving parcel after parcel of new goodies to fill our wardrobes.

But it’s these popular brands that have come under fire for fiercely contributing to ‘fast fashion’, a concept that is a huge player in our actions that impact the environment.

But what exactly is ‘fast fashion’ you may ask?

Fast Fashion refers to the speedy production of cheap clothing that allows retailers to respond to the fluctuations of the latest trends. And as we know thanks to social media, fashion trends move FAST, so online retailers act quickly to create clothing that doesn’t cost a lot to make so they can profit from supplying clothing and accessories that adhere to ‘what’s hot’.

And the problem with this is that it takes lots of power, CO2 emissions and heaps of unbiodegradable waste to quickly and cheaply make clothes and constantly keep up with the demands of fast fashion. According to our research, the fashion industry contributes to 10% of global CO2 emissions each year, and has previously been linked to dangerous working conditions for their workers. Ethics and sustainability gets thrown out of the window when trying to profit from the latest trends, and this is something that not just brands, but consumers need to consider when filling their online baskets.

But here comes Selfridges Rental to help save the day! Selfridges, alongside the thousands of other brands introducing their rental online stores, are helping consumers to enjoy their online retail therapy in a much more sustainable way. It puts a stop to the race to create more and more clothes, the contribution to overflowing clothes and fabric waste, and of course, pauses their impact on CO2 emission.

And as the biggest ecommerce nerds, we LOVE to see brands using their online stores to do good in the world and do their bit for sustainability!

Where else can you rent fashion?

Selfridges are not the pioneers of rented fashion – here are a few more online retailers who also support sustainable retail e-commerce!

Check out:




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