How can your Business Adapt their Social Media During Lockdown?

24 April 2020| Post by Matt4 minutes


At the beginning of the month, we took a look at how some businesses have adapted their websites according to the current Lockdown

And with an additional three weeks of lockdown announced, we’ll no doubt be still seeing business accommodating to this unique situation. For those who are able to carry on more or less as normal, marketing has never been so important.

Social media marketing is usually your chance to reach your audience on a more personal level; allowing your to stem away from your typical content and help show a different side to your company. But in the midst of social distancing and lockdown, many businesses have had to rethink their content and make sure they’re still appealing to their audience and representing their business all whilst amplifying the current guidelines. Well, we thought we’d share a few tips on how you can keep your social media fresh and updated so you don’t have to miss out on this important marketing tool even though we’re in lockdown.


With many factories closed and teams working from home, there might not be much going forward at HQ that is suited for socials. A great solution for a simple yet effective post is posting a good throwback, even if it’s not Thursday.

Whilst scrolling down memory lane, you can pick out some shining moments for your company in which you can repost to your audience. Whether it’s was a new product release, someone joining the team, a specific event or a notable milestone – reposting your past achievements not only demonstrates your presence during this time but gets your audience re-engaged.

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Focusing on the team

Why not take this time to put names to a face and show the people that make your company what it is! At a time where posts may start feeling repetitive, you can reach out to your team for photos of their working from home set up, their ways of staying entertained during lockdown, their favourite products at the moment or maybe even a little interview about their role and what they love about working for your company.

In this time of isolation, it would be great to highlight your individual situation and bring your audience some virtual interaction in order to evoke feelings of solidarity and that all-important rhetoric of ‘we’re all in this together.’

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Getting in on the #StayingatHome trends

With the whole nation in the same situation, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a number of viral trends that everyone has just got to try out whilst they’re bored at home. Tiktok, home workouts, Animal Crossing, whipped coffee – we’ve seen it all.  Sifting through these trends, it would be good to see if any correlated with your company, its unique style and products so you too can give it a go and join in the conversation.

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Getting creative with content

If you haven’t already, maybe this is the time to switch things up with your content and involve your team whilst doing so. One thing you could work on is creating relevant blog posts which not only would help with SEO but create an excuse for an engaging social post.

Or, creating home videos which can include tutorials and how-tos, or even starting up a series of webinars can guarantee interesting and fresh content for your social media. Whatever your business, you can find a way to get creative all whilst remaining in keeping with your unique tone and business type.

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A source of good news

It goes without saying that we’re all being affected mentally and emotionally by the current pandemic. As a business, you have a much louder voice than others on social media. This means that your attempts to bring a little light to the situation via your social media posts can reach a wider audience and make a considerable impact.

Use your social media presence to not only highlight your business but spread some good news to uplift your audience and let them know that you truly care. Sharing good news, admiration for those working on the front line and even demonstrating the more positive points of lockdown are all ways you can not only engage but bring a smile to your audience.

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