How are Businesses Adapting their Sites During Lockdown?

3 April 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


Surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of us are isolating for the foreseeable future.

This means we’ll certainly be seeing a substantial spike of scrolling, online browsing and purchases. With that said, it’s important for businesses to keep up with the current state of affairs; adapting their sites and marketing in order to keep business as usual.

From changed URLs, specific marketing to important messages – we’re seeing it all. So, we thought we’d have a look at how some businesses are taking this opportunity to adapt their website to appeal to those currently isolating.


In order to provide the essentials for those finding themselves at home with the family, Asda’s homepage has cleverly put focus on their range of toys and games; mainly using images of board games that are perfect for those evenings with your household when you can’t think of anything to do. What else can you do during isolation?! Smart move Asda.


Due to the advice given by government, B&Q have temporarily closed their doors. Since then, they have changed their URL to to place emphasis on the jobs you can do yourself at home, whilst in isolation.

They have also put the above message at the top of their homepage to not only ensure that their customers are informed and updated, but to make sure that everyone knows about their click and collect services whilst their stores are closed. B&Q have recognised that many people will use this time to catch up on their DIY projects, so this is what they have used to their advantage.


Now, Sainsbury’s have got the right idea. If you visit their homepage at the moment, these are some of the links they propose to you; all of which can be related to activities that are available to those isolating at home. With things for the garden, home cooking essentials and content about staying fit –  it all sounds very relevant and on-trend for our current situation! It also serves as encouragement to stay home so, win-win!


Ikea has taken a similar route to B&Q in that they have adapted their homepage to be a place where their customers can find all the information they need about the latest company updates surrounding COVID-19, as well as their click and collect services. They have also displayed multiple examples of focused marketing in which draws attention to how their customers can still shop for and use their products whilst staying home.

Including ways to spruce up your home as well as bringing spring inside; Ikea is effectively encouraging those to stick to the public health guidelines by showing ways you can continue to incorporate their products.

If you’re struggling to keep your website updated with the current circumstances, call Limely today and see how we can help you. 😎


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