Helping to Keep Business as Usual

26 March 2020| Post by Gavin3 minutes


As the continuing spread of Coronavirus causes the whole country to go on lockdown, businesses continue to close

Which is causing devasting effects for those who rely on their high street stores to drive sales and we’re seeing more businesses than ever having to rely on online sales. With that said, it has never been so important to sustain a good online presence whether you’re already an online business or one that’s just adjusting.

Here at Limely, we want to do to everything we can to help businesses keep the ball rolling whilst stuck in these turbulent times. So, we thought we’d throw a few tips your way on how you can utilise an online space to keep business as usual until we come out the other end.

But, if you’re looking for more help and guidance Limley are currently offering special help with hosting – available for everyone. Click below to find out more.

Here to Help

Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! The team are staying safe and working from home, but are all available via email. So, don’t be shy! Anyway – back to it.

Amp up your social media

Speaking of amplifying your business, this is a great time to perfect your social media game – especially with many of us in isolation or quarantine with suddenly a lot of time to be scrolling through our socials.

Be sure to demonstrate an active social media presence by posting at least once a day and crafting engaging and interesting content to entice users. We actually wrote a blog post about this not too long ago – click here to check it out!

Perfect your content

With many of us working from home, there’s going to be a lot of increased googling and perusing going on. So, use this time to finesse your content, which includes delivering relevant and interesting blog posts, as well as fresh and engaging content found on your site.

Be sure to utilise things like keywords and engaging titles to make your site a place in which people will want to stick around.

Offers & discounts

Be sure to use this time to provide customers, old and new, with discounts and exclusive offers to not only lift morale in this time of crisis but show that you’re present and active. Plus, they’re a great excuse for extra content on the socials or within email marketing.

They have the added bonus of potentially spreading awareness of your business and what you’re trying to do in order to help.

Reassure your customers

Don’t forget to let your customers know that we’re all in this together! We’ve never faced anything quite like this before and as a business with a voice, it’s important to use it to help spread calm and positivity as well as important public announcements.

And most importantly, stay safe, stay clean and stay home to save lives! 


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