Gorgeous Shop Goes Live!

20 August 2020| Post by Charlotte3 minutes

Back in June, we announced that long time clients Gorgeous Shop would be receiving some design work from yours truly!

And now we are absolutely delighted to inform you all that Gorgeous Shop’s brand new look is now officially live! So, in order to celebrate the completion of this project, we thought we’d give you a little refresher of who exactly Gorgeous Shop are and what went down during the project. So, read ahead for all the latest goss!

And if you just can’t wait to see it, click below to see it live in all its glory!

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Who is Gorgeous Shop?

Gorgeous Shop is a beauty retailer that sells a wide range of products stemming from the UK’s favourite beauty brands. Established in 2007, Gorgeous Shop uses their experience and knowledge in the industry to work closely with luxury brands so that they can provide the best possible online beauty hub for their users – becoming the number one place to be for all of your hair, beauty and skincare needs.

Gorgeous Shop Limely

Gorgeous Shop are long time clients of Limely, having been receiving our website maintenance services for some time now. We were flattered when they decided to approach our design services and chose us to conduct their design refresh – we could not wait to get started!

What did Limely do?

Limely’s design and development team got to work on Gorgeous Shop’s current site, adding tweaks, refreshes here and there and a vital upgrade to Magento 2 to make sure their site is up to scratch and reflecting their updates and growth.

The overall layout of their site was given a little makeover in order to make user experience and accessibility the top priority. This involved providing the means for Gorgeous Shop to efficiently display their featured products, and guide their users to important pages via attractive CTA buttons and links.

This also included a little revamp of their current navigation menu to ensure that their users are able to find exactly what they’re after quickly and efficiently. This was in aid of actively boosting their user’s shopping experience and making them aware that they are in the right place for all of their beauty, hair and skin care needs.

In terms of development, the Limely team got to work migrating all of Gorgeous Shop’s site onto Magento 2 so they too could benefit from the latest and greatest updates and strive for ecommerce greatness. Everything from their branding that you know and love to all of their content and products were successfully transferred onto their updated ecommerce platform. Now, their site can continue to dish out high levels of performance and functionality that further demonstrate their stand out service.

This was certainly a successful project and both Limely and Gorgeous Shop are chuffed with the results. Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself below!

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