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17 June 2020| Post by Robbie3 minutes


We love showing you the results of our hard work whilst WFH, and what a better way than announcing a brand new project!

Yep! That’s right, Limely have the pleasure of making another client a top-notch website that their business deserves. This time we’re going to be giving long time clients, Gorgeous Shop, a new look and an upgrade to the latest version of Magento 2. We’re so happy that Gorgeous have chosen us for their site’s makeover, and we’re excited to continue our work with them! But just before we get into a little summary of what Limely will be doing, come and learn a bit about Gorgeous Shop!

Who is Gorgeous Shop?

Gorgeous Shop is a beauty retailer that has been selling the UK’s favourite beauty brands since 2007. Utilising their decade of experience in the industry, as well as working closely with luxury brands, Gorgeous Shop provides an online beauty hub that offers everything from the best products to the latest and greatest in hair and beauty tips, tricks and advice.

Known for stocking some of the UK’s most loved brands as well as their outstanding customer service, Gorgeous Shop is well on their way to being one of the UK’s leading beauty providers.

Gorgeous Shop has been a client of ours for some time now, with Limely being their first port of call for website maintenance and guidance. We have loved supporting them over the last couple of years and now can’t wait to get working on sprucing up their current site and making it as great as it can possibly be.

What will Limely be doing?

Limely will be using their skills in development and design to take Gorgeous Shop’s current site and give it a makeover that will truly reflect their reputable brand and quality service. Their new site will consist of a little sprucing up of their current layout, ensuring user experience and accessibility is the main priority. This includes some structural changes to their navigation menu to make sure the user can find their desired product quickly and efficiently.

We will be ensuring that their homepage presents all of their products in the best light; strategically presenting featured products and CTA buttons, making sure to entice customers and make them delve in further.

Gorgeous Shop’s products and content will all be easily reachable via the home page, and our focus will be on making sure all visitors are aware of their reputable services and brand personality; with their integrated reviews and links to social platforms crystal clear.

Despite implementing some tweaks here and there, Gorgeous Shop’s recognisable logo and branding will still be present throughout the site, and with the vital upgrade to Magento 2, things will be working better than ever.

We can’t wait to get started!


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