Google Introduces Tappable Shortcuts For Mobile Users

22 March 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


Google has revolutionized the way you search for information on your mobile. It was announced yesterday that they are introducing tappable shortcuts on the Google App for Android, iOS and on mobiles to U.S. users.

Tappable Shortcuts on iPhone

Quick access to answers

With mobile leading the forefront in every digital strategy, particularly with the announcement of mobile first indexing late last year, search engines like Google have developed their systems to align with our online behaviour.

What better way to access information quicker than tappable shortcuts to popular topics and themes right on the home screen? Whether you’re looking for places to eat, last night’s footy results, weather info and more you’ll now have access to in-depth experiences across a whole host of popular search topics at the click of one button.

Android users can take advantage of dozens of shortcuts including translation, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, currency converter, and more. At present this function is only available to users in the U.S.

Changing the way we search

The more traditional Google search box is used primarily when we know what we are looking for – specific answers to specific questions. This is a move that allows Google to offer users options to browse the latest up-to-date topics of interest.

To find the most timely and recently used shortcuts, make sure your Google app is updated to the latest version and then look for your shortcuts right underneath the search box. You’ll see new shortcuts appear for big moments and events moving forward. Search on! – Google.

With search options becoming more prevalent on social platforms such as Facebook, Google have come up with a solution that allows them to maintain the lion share of search activity.


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