Get Creative This Easter

14 April 2022| Post by Jess3 minutes


Whether you’re a fully fledged Easter Bunny or a little more Easter Scrooge, we’re sure we’ve found eggs-actly the right idea for your business this year!

Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

The traditional scavenger hunt has had a little upgrade in recent years with many businesses utilising technology to provide alternative ways to celebrate the occasion!

One of our favourite examples of this is Cadbury’s. The forward-thinking brand has made it super easy to hide a virtual chocolate egg anywhere in the world! Simply head to their website┬áto hide a giant purple egg in the location of your choice, write a clue and send it to a loved one. This innovative approach shows how National holidays can provide a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and add extra value for your audience. Now that is a purple cow if we ever did see one!

Top Tip: This idea could also be scaled down; Why not hide an Easter Egg within your website? Or perhaps host a virtual egg hunt on your Instagram grid? The ideas are endless, just let your imagination run wild!

Cadbury's Virtual Egg Hunt

Alternative Easter Gifts

What do you get when you cross Ikea and Easter? A flatpack chocolate bunny of course! Thinking outside the box and getting creative with your Easter products is a great way to build your brand and stick in your audience’s mind for being unique and a little out-there! We love this example from Ikea as it not only highlights their expertise in flatpack engineering but also shows their fun side. What more could you want?

Ikea Flat Pack Bunny

Another wonderful idea that deserves a mention has got to be M&S’s Drippy Eggs which come packaged in paint tins. This tongue-in-cheek play on the British love of ‘dippy eggs’ hits the spot (and the product is pretty tasty too!)

M&S Drippy Eggs

Top Tip: Show off your brand’s expertise by developing an Easter product that is uniquely yours!

Easter Egg Head

This one is definitely more on the ‘alternative’ side of Easter celebrations, but we think it’s a pretty sharp idea. Why not organise a team head-shave for charity this Easter? Perhaps one of the most difficult to pull off in terms of logistics, but most definitely worthwhile! Easter has long been a time of generosity, and what better way to contribute to your local community than raising much needed funds for a remarkable charity!

Easter Egg Head

Host An Easter Competition

Hosting a competition is not only a great way to get your audience fully engaged in your Easter activities, but also a great opportunity to boost sales.

Okay, okay, we know we’ve already mentioned them today but we can’t help that Cadbury’s are the kings and queens of Easter ideas! This year, if you find the half milk, half white chocolate Creme Egg, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a whopping 10K. But wait a second, there is one condition: you can only win the prize if the egg is not eaten, and we all know how hard that would be!


The beauty of this campaign is that it’s accessible to pretty much anyone who loves a Creme Egg. Simply the hope of winning the prize sparks feelings of magic in customers and even if they don’t find the special egg, they’ve still got the delicious traditional Creme Egg to savour! It’s truly a win win.

Top Tip: When planning your Easter competition, ensure that there are no losers! Keep it lighthearted and provide joy to your audience for a truly successful campaign.

So there you have it, our top Easter ideas for 2022! Let us know which ideas you like best and most importantly, have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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