The Importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation

17 August 2017| Post by Robbie4 minutes


If there was a cost-effective method to improve sales and engagement with your site, would you use it? Of course, you would.

Conversion rate optimisation – or CRO as we’ll call it from now on – is key to ensuring that customers use your website as intended. It turns mindless browsing into meaningful conversions and increases the percentage of a good user experience. 

Now, why exactly is CRO so important?

A simple equation can help us to answer that. Higher conversion rate = better return on investment. So if you’re a business owner, and you’ve got a website, this is 100% what you need to be focusing your future efforts on, if you haven’t already.

An important note to make, however, is that CRO is NOT about getting as many clicks on your site as possible. It’s about gaining purposeful visits from people who are genuinely interested in your product. It helps in retaining customers who are going to make that all-important first point of contact. It’s necessary for increasing the true engagement on your site, instead of users exiting before they’ve got what they came for. In fact, if you are wondering why customers keep leaving your site – have a read of this.

Whether you’re offering an email subscription service, giving a potential client a quote, or just want your customers to click ‘buy’, CRO is for you.

Measuring your conversion rate

There’s a simple equation you can use to measure your website’s current rate of conversion.

Conversion rate: the total number of conversions divided by the total number of unique visitors

So, you’ve analysed your current conversion rate. What next?

Here we’ve made a simple and easy-to-follow checklist that will start you off on your CRO adventure:


  • Is your call-to-action easy to find, and clear to the user?
  • Are your graphics clean, consistent and well-placed?
  • Is your checkout process user-friendly and optimized for all devices? We’ve got a blog post for that.
  • Will users find it easy to trust your site? Is it clearly secure?
  • Do you show customer testimonials next to the relevant products? Site visitors are more likely to be converted to sales if they can see human proof of your products’ value. We’ve got a blog post for that, too.

Case study

Now it’s our turn to show off our work. Recently, we took on the TowbarExpress site to specifically increase their conversion rates. Check out the before and after:

On the left, is the original. On the right, you can see how we made the ‘Find your towbar’ section the main focus – the end product is much cleaner. The manufacturers’ logo section does come in when you scroll down the page, but we wanted to make the first thing customers see, a simple CTA.

Why’s it so important?

  • First things first, the method takes advantage of existing traffic and increases your ROI. It’s much more cost-effective to convert current users than acquire new ones.
  • Secondly, it can help to maximise your profits. So when you do want to acquire new customers, this gives you more cash to invest into just that.
  • Paid-for advertising campaigns are becoming more pricey and competitive. There is no point in boosting your online adverts if your conversion funnel has problems that can be smoothed out for free.
  • Lastly, optimising your conversion rates can make you more valuable to affiliates and partners. The more visitors you’re converting to sales, the more money sponsors can make. Win-win, right?

The main question to ask when focusing on CRO is this: what do you want your customer to do?
It’s all about your website’s unique target audience, and how to get them to complete the actions you want them to take. Making little tweaks – even as simple as changing the colour of your CTA – and testing them can improve your conversion rates massively with little to no effort at all.


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