Beauty Flash Chooses Limely

26 May 2021| Post by Graham3 minutes


Yes we’re at it again! Limely are back at you with more news of a brand new project!

You might be familiar with another client of ours, Gorgeous Shop, who has been with Limely for quite some time now! Not only do they come to us for all of their web maintenance needs, we treated them to a little design revamp and an upgrade to good ol’ Magento 2!

Since we have such a solid and trusted relationship with the team over at Gorgeous Shop, they have entrusted Limely with the launching of their brand new online store, Beauty Flash!

Let’s introduce you to Beauty Flash and dive into what exactly we’ll be doing!

Who is Beauty Flash?

Beauty Flash is a brand new destination for all things beauty and self-care and is an extension of Gorgeous Shop’s already popular store. As one of the leading providers of the UK’s most popular beauty brands, Gorgeous Shop wanted to extend its services and expertise to another store, so they can continue pleasing their devoted customers on an even bigger scale.

What will Limely be doing?

Limely will be whipping up brand new designs for Beauty Flash that will mirror the original Gorgeous Shop site that their users have grown to know and love.

Through new, on-brand design, Limely will be making sure that Beauty Flash’s unique edge is shining through, alongside their knowledgable stance and customer-centric approach.

Using Magento 2’s multisite feature, Limely will be building Beauty Flash on Gorgeous Shop’s already existing platform so they can manage and edit both stores from one space. This will allow GS to easily apply updates to one site, or across all sites if needed.

For the online store, Limely will be working their usual magic to create a space that not only reiterates Beauty Flash’s brand, but provides every customer with a knock-out shopping experience.

By integrating Searchanise, we will be making sure that Beauty Flash’s customers can quickly and efficiently find their desired product via an optimised search feature. This will include plenty of filters and layered navigation to make sure users have all the help they can get.

As well as producing a ‘guides’ area ready to fill with industry-specific content, we’ll also be making sure all reviews and products will be migrated over to Beauty Flash so customers can shop for similar products and be aware that they’re in for the Gorgeous Shop experience that they’ve grown accustomed to.

On top of all this, Limely will be enabling Beauty Flash to continue their great service through their exciting beauty subscription. Amongst their ecommerce features, Beauty Flash’s customers will be able to purchase and manage a subscription that sends a box of goodies straight to their door. A unique feature to have, it’ll help demonstrate their reputable stance in the industry, allow them to keep up with competitors and give their customers plenty of reasons to return and spread the world of Beauty Flash!

We cannot wait to see how this turns out! Be sure to keep up to date with our progress by following us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!


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