Avoid Making These 3 Common Mistakes on Your B2B Website

30 January 2019| Post by Matt4 minutes


It’s 2019, so there really is no excuse anymore. Your website is the front door to your business and for a lot of new customers, it might be the first thing they see. Here’s what to avoid on your B2B website.

So often, we see blog posts and articles telling you what you should be doing. Whether it’s digital marketing, content creation or WordPress plugins, people love giving advice. However, we thought it was about time we let you in on some inside industry knowledge – what not to do!

Avoid these common mistakes on your company’s website

If you’re planning on giving your B2B website a shake-up this year, you might want to start taking some notes. Time and time again, we review clients’ existing websites and the same issues always seem to crop up. We’ve rounded up the top three things to avoid on a B2B site this year!

1. Don’t neglect mobile browsing

The purpose of a B2B website, as you’ll probably know all too well, often depends on the nature of your business. If you’re selling products to other companies, conversion rate optimisation will be one of your most crucial objectives.

But one thing’s for certain, your existing and potential clients will be browsing on a range of devices. Just because you’re selling to another business, doesn’t mean they’ll be scrolling in the office on their desktop computer! As many meetings and working hours are now undertaken outside the office, make sure responsiveness is top of your list for your B2B website.

Will your design work on mobile? Is your content optimised for both SEO and different devices? This is key to generating as many leads as possible for your company.

2. Don’t forget to create clear Call-to-Actions

Regardless of the industry you’re in, you’ll want your B2B website to attract new clients and generate those all-important leads. Call-to-Actions are one of the most obvious ways to do this and effective ones will create a streamlined user journey, leading your potential customer exactly where you want them to go.

Don’t confuse users with ambiguous CTAs. Strictly speaking, there are a few ways that Call-to-Actions could be problematic. Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly:

  • Poor design: is the text the same colour as the rest of the site? Does the CTA stand out? Do any CTA buttons look like actual clickable buttons?
  • Poor copy: What do you want the user to achieve when they click through? How will you entice them to click? Is the copy simple but effective?
  • Poor structure: Where does the CTA take the user? Are they actually led to the right place? If you want them to fill in a form, make sure it’s there and easy to use when they follow your Call-to-Action.

3.  Avoid long, confusing pages and content inconsistencies

As well as aiming for lead generation and conversions, your website is essentially the digital storefront of your business. This means it is representing your brand, your values and basically what you’re all about. Don’t put off other companies from working with you by using confusing messaging and inconsistent pages. We all know content is great for SEO but piling it in for the sake of it will only harm the success of your B2B website.

If a user has to scroll through pages of meaningless words, they’ll probably click away and go elsewhere. Likewise with your page structure, your main nav should show the main pages you want your users to visit, not every single page on your site! You should also ensure that your copy is consistent across the whole of your site, this can be achieved by creating a proper strategy of how you want to represent your band and the tone of voice you should be using.

Use strong messaging, relevant content (perhaps in the form of blog posts or articles) and a thought-out site structure – these are three key steps to keeping your website easy to use and effective.

We can help bring your B2B website to life

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