Apple’s new iOS update to include 100 new Emojis

7 August 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


After downloading the new beta iOS update today we found over 100 brand new redesigned emojis. These included more gender options and even rainbow flag promoting equality and diversity!

With the beta version of iOS 10 now available, it’s clear that iconography and emojis have been a big bug internally that needed addressing. They’re bags of new visual appeal across the board; definitely a pleasurable experience.

Unfortunately for all you non-web nerds, you’ll have to wait for the official public release in September!

Here’s a sneak peek for you, though:

Diverse family and relationship set ups get their own emojis

More than a hundred new and updated emojis make up the set, with Apple putting a big emphasis on diversity.

We can now expect to see more messages packed with emojis depicting different family set ups, rainbow flags, and people of colour.

The 'threatening' gun emoji gets replaced with a bright water pistol Female athletes get some important representation Multiple skill colours are available for different emojis

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