Apple’s Christmas Ad ‘Frankie’s Holiday’ just went live

22 November 2016| Post by Graham1 minutes


Just day’s after Apple Music launched their ‘distractingly good’ campaign with Canadian rap star, Drake, they’ve now launched their latest Christmas Ad – ‘Frankie’s Holiday’.

The new ad sees a rather unexpected cameo from Mary Shelley’s, Victor Frankenstein. Finally, the unexpected visitor receives the warm welcome he’s always yearned for.

In this year’s Christmas Advert by Apple, Frankenstein is seen reminiscing on good times with his beloved Widow in the confines of his lonely log cabin out in the hills.

He records a jingle from an old music box onto his iPhone, in preparation to share some Christmas spirit with the citizens of the nearest town.

He sets off to town via his mailbox, where an expected parcel is waiting for him containing some much-needed decoration to improve his debut busking gig in the town centre.

He eventually musters up the courage to address his local people with his very own heartfelt rendition of ‘There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays’, originally written by Perry Como in 1954.

Boris Karloff – the original Frankenstein

Boris Karloff in the original Frankenstein (1931) Movie.


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