5 Things We Love About Twitter’s Redesign

24 July 2019| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

Some people don’t like change but personally, we’re lovin’ Twitter’s new look! Come and have a gander.

Twitter is one of the most used and most popular social media platforms out there, with 5,787 tweets being sent out to the masses every SECOND. Wowza. Well, some of you may have noticed that their desktop site has had a little makeover.

Mid-July, Twitter kindly applied its new designs to our Twitter feeds.  The Twitter boffins, who have been working hard since January, have commented that the much-needed redesign allows the site to be; ‘faster, easier to navigate and more personalised’. We’re very excited about it so, let’s show you what we’re loving about the new Twitter desktop.

New Design, New Me

As much as we love the iconic ‘Twitter blue’, we are slightly too giddy about how the redesign enables you to choose your own colour. According to Twitter’s blog, it was all about making their site ‘more personalised’ and to be honest, we’re more than happy with what we’ve been given. To change the colour, just click the Display button, which can found under ‘More’ in the new right-hand side menu bar. There, you’ll find an option of blue, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green – with cute little correlating emojis. Depending on what colour tickles your fancy, it’ll change links, some buttons and hashtags accordingly – it’s so snazzy. Here, you can also find options to change font size and the background brightness!

Whoomp, There it is

Just a wee change, but one that’s made Twitter life a bit easier – the navigation menu has moved from the top of our screens to the left-hand side, similar to the mobile site layout. When compared to the old design, the new menu is clearer, easier to use and to be honest, looks so much nicer! Everything seems to have its place, and additions have been made to make getting around the site much simpler. Just that little shift has boosted UI and made the site look that little bit sharper. We know what you might be thinking though: ‘Where’s the list of trending gone?’, well, that’s had a little move around too. You can now find this on the right-hand side of your screen, along with recommended accounts and the search box.

Access Granted

Whilst still looking at the swish new menu bar, you may notice a few additions. The redesign has made it easier than ever to access your favourite tweets, accounts and even your own profile as they now have their very own place in the left-hand side navigation bar. Now, it’s easy to navigate your way around tweets that you’ve saved for later, as well as your listed accounts. No more rooting around trying to find them, they’re now right under your nose!

The Old Switcheroo

Now here’s something to shout about – especially in reference to all the companies who use a Twitter account 👀. Say goodbye to the effort that was behind switching between your different Twitter accounts. Thanks to that cute little plus button, you can now add additional accounts meaning you can flit back and forth with ease. Found under the ‘More’ button, you can now enter details of your other accounts to enable the easy switch feature. You can add up to 5 accounts, which just makes the organisational control freak inside all of us go: YAAAS. 💁‍♀️

You’ve Got Mail!

The Twitter message folder has also had a little revamp. Every action can now be performed with all your messages right in front of you, eradicating the need to go back and forth between messages. This makes viewing, sending and making conversations a doddle and way more efficient.

Go take a look at the redesign for yourself and whilst you’re there, make sure to follow Limely on Twitter! 😎


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